Random ham radio trollfight audio (explicit)

AUDIO EMBED ABOVE: Two trolls on ham radio, one identified as "G-K," the other as "Robert" or "R-J" overheard accidentally on August 29, 2009, while surfing first responder frequencies during the August 2009 Los Angeles wildfires. The two men argued with each other about various technical subjects of interest to radio ops, then discussed drugs and past jail time, then notes on an Andy Griffith show marathon, then torture they'd like to perform on each other in great detail because they hate each other so much. Stay with it.

Technical note: sorry about the audible LOLs -- a friend held the scanner in their lap, and I held my iPhone 3Gs above the scanner, using "voice memo" app to record the audio. None of us could contain ourselves.

Archive.org: Random Ham Radio Trollfight: August 29, 2009, Los Angeles CA (thanks, Chief Fulfiller of Needs + fam!)


  1. They’re not radio amateurs (“Hams”), and shouldn’t be called that. Hams are licensed, use call signs and generally don’t use profanity, in compliance with FCC rules. These guys are operating illegally, like unlicensed CB’ers. Continuing that braindead tradition, even.

    1. they are real hams. the known as GK is Rich, kf6gk and the other guy is robert, ke6rji. they are real. i know them both

    2. This is a real repeater on the 2 meter (144mhz) ham band in the southern california area. i would know. i use the repeater myself. for more info and to listen to 24 hours streaming audio you can go to 435online.com. have fun

  2. If you liked this, Xeni, then you’ll *love* XBox Live. I recommend Call of Duty, Gears of War, or Grand Theft IV Auto online play.

    Hell, even Uno on XBox Live can put these two to shame.

  3. @Ironbear:

    Who said anything about amateurs? Didn’t see anything to warrant that “correction” in the original story.

    On a side note, my dad used to be a ham radio operator. (When the internet got bigger, he switched to internet). When I was like 6 or 7, he highly encouraged me to attend classes to become the youngest certified ham radio operator. Now I kind of wish I did!

  4. This is a disgrace. These are obviously not licensed amateur radio operators. I received my technician class license when I was 11, and by the time I was 12, had earned my Extra class license.

  5. @xeni: No, “short wave radio trolls” is not accurate because you heard them on VHF or UHF while looking for first responder frequencies… not on HF, which is “shortwave”.

  6. In the evenings, around 3.5 MHz, lower sideband, you can catch the “Hate Band,” like the “Liberty Net.” Many are really licensed and use their callsigns, so they’re not completely anti-government. Much of the chat lately is about ammo shortages.

  7. Actually, they’re VHF radio trolls …

    It’s certainly on a ham radio repeater.

    At 5:35 there is a Morse ID in the “foreground”: W6NRE/R

    And GK identifies. KF6GK, I do believe.

    My apologies that fuckwits like this exist in the amateur radio ranks.

  8. Ham troll fights happen all the time. My grandfather owns one and all sorts of stuff spouts from it. It’s worse than contacting some nasty spirit from a weejee, (most likely because it’s being used with someone who wants to get in your pants).

    It was hilarious. Thanks for posting!

  9. @Vettekass, I doubt if your father would approve of Xeni’s use of ‘Ham’ to describe these nitwits. The word has a long tradition of usage which connotes licensed and legal operators exclusively, not pirates or Citizens Band operators. Real Hams suffer from bad PR because of the confusion, and that’s a shame when you consider that they do tremendous public service, particularly in providing communications in emergency situations, as opposed to being a public nuisance.

  10. S&M Ham Buddies, they aren’t fighting, this is SOP. This kind of thing is kind of standard if you know which repeaters to listen to, it’s probably a private one. The FCC doesn’t seem to bother much anymore as to the verbal 7 sins, but will clamp down immediately if you play music or act as a broadcaster in any way. The FCC doesn’t want you competing with “Clear Channel” after all.

    Two trolls on ham radio, one identified as “G-K,”

    He id’s himself and the FCC database spits the following information.


    [personal address redacted by BB moderator]

    the other as “Robert” or “R-J”

    Last three letters in call, YDL, not sure where located, but sounds like they’re on a repeater which makes him a California local, so probably starts with N or K, possibly a second letter and then a 6. He never gives his call, the other person refers to him as YDL, referring to the other party by the last segment of the call is common practice.

  11. I’m sorry that some ham ops reading this are upset at me for referring to these two guys as ham ops. I love amateur radio culture, I have been exposed to it since I was a little girl,and have fond memories associated with it. I don’t think this exchange is representative of all hams. I think it’s morbidly funny. If someone has a better suggestion about a post title, I’m interested to hear it. But for now, I think it’s accurate.

    If they were internet trolls, and someone poked fun at a publicly shared exchange on a messageboard or something, I wouldn’t get all bent out of shape about them not representing internet culture. I see this like that.

    Also, if anyone’s angry about this “private” exchange being posted online, let me remind you: this was an unencrypted conversation transmitted over radio. If folks want private conversations, there’s a more recent technology called “telephone” which offers more privacy. Only the NSA will eavesdrop there, not low-life bloggers.

  12. If they were internet trolls, you wouldn’t have bothered making a post about them.

    S&M trolls communicating via messenger pigeons — now THERE’s a blog post!

  13. @Xeni

    It’s pretty accurate. This kind of thing goes on. You are less able to get away from it in rural areas as all the local operators know you and because of the limited population, make it quite well known that they don’t want FCC interference to to bad operating practice.

    As the old guys who went through WWII die off, more of this stuff goes on. The people who remember the war years blackout on Amateur Radio fought long and hard to get their rights back to have radio frequency spectrum allocated for their hobby and technical research and development.

    Unfortunately, the younger crowd don’t realize that it all can be taken away. Amateurs were given rules to follow in exchange for radio spectrum which in this day and age is a very valuable resource that would be put to better use.

  14. @#15, that’s not true. If they were internet trolls maintaining an exchange that was this funny, i might have.

    it was just random “found audio theater,” let’s not make too much of it.

  15. You notice that the guy with the thick northern-midwest accent always involves the other guy’s cock and balls (and sometimes asshole) in his proposed tortures, whereas the other guy is more theoretical and body-wide.

    I suspect that the guy with the thick accent is pretty young, and sexually confused. It’s obvious that despite the violent imagery of their conversation they’re actually quite fond of each other. I remember conversations like this (albeit in person) from my adolescence, though I usually diverted them to talking about killing some hated third party, but teenage boys are often obsessive about such things, and it’s more a competition of creativity than an actual expression of hatred.

    And Lexapro and Abilify are both anti-depressants. I think Abilify is also an anti-psychotic, but I haven’t looked it up to be sure.

  16. And the top ad right now is from Mormon.org, an alleged “chat about faith.” Speaking of being tempted to troll.

  17. ” hld my Phn 3Gs bv th scnnr[…]”

    h, dr gd, fckng lv hw ppl srs nvr jst hv phn, thy hv n Phn 3Gs. Thy dn’t gt t thr lptp, thy gt t thr “McBk Pr.”

    Y knw t’s tr. f y cn’t fnd yr phn, d y sk, “Hv y sn my phn?” r, “Hv y sn my Phn?”

  18. Sorry to spoil the fun but there is a legal conceit that the interception and divulging of communications not your own is a crime. Posting such on the web is a bad idea.

  19. Amateur radio is the least private band of the entire spectrum. Part 97 specifically says that anyone can record and divulge transmissions from the amateur band. Public safety is the grey area about divulgence of information.

  20. Are there any more-talented ears that can translate the morse code that periodically pops up in the transmission? one around the 1:30, another around the 2:00, and sporadically as the recording progresses, with a big amount around 5:30. Are these their signs or is this from another channel?

  21. “when you shit in the back of the police car…”

    Sounds like end end to a rough day. As a side note – has anyone else had trouble with corruption of audio files using iPhone/Pod Voice Memo to records audio over 1 hour? I find that as soon as I hit the 1 hour mark, playback or retrieval becomes impossible.

    I’ve lost a few conversations with my wife’s oncologist this way. Word to the wise before you try recording an important lecture.

    1. “when you shit in the back of the police car…” Sounds like end end to a rough day.

      I called in a hit and run once and ended up in the back of a cop car trying to hunt the driver down when he ditched his car. Two other cops bagged the guy and put him in the back of their patrol car while I went over to ID him. All of a sudden, the two cops came charging out of their car holding their noses and screaming bloody murder because he had just taken a dump on their back seat. There are some weapons that the cops just can’t confiscate.

  22. @Certron

    Those Morse signals are the repeater id. It is the Amateur Radio callsign the repeater is registered under. Once you know that, you know who the control operator is and look it up on any of the ham call databases.

  23. @Devophill

    Pinned it! You win the internet foxhunt!

    I kept hearing YDL in the sound clip, BUT probably YDO, 2nd down on this page:

    < a href="http://www.frogsbooks.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=41:misfits&layout=blog&Itemid=73">KE6YDO has listed as Major Annoyance: GK.

  24. Interesting. Be satisfied at least, Rodney, that when you get disemvowelled, there ends up being no difference between a phone and an iPhone.

  25. For non-trolls in the thread: “why are you being so specific about the device” is a frequently heard annoying comment. In this case, I reference the specific device because, to me, it’s neat that this specific gen of this specific device can record 30+ minutes of uninterrupted audio, at a relatively high quality, using the built-in voice memo feature. that imo is worth a side note. and if you disagree, you can fck rght ff and get your own damn blog.

  26. Xeni: You go.

    Dave: Well, technically ‘phn’ isn’t entirely identical to ‘Phn’, but who’s counting? Certainly not me. :-)

  27. Sounds pretty routine, if you listen to the scanner even just a little.
    It’s rare to hear anything witty on most repeaters. Occasionally there’s something to be heard if something local and big is going on. Eventually it devolves into something scatological or infantile, however.

  28. Xeni, its been an interesting lesson in humans, human nature, expectations of privacy, free speech and perceived anonymity, at least from some of the comments engendered here.

    Given the rules of Amateur Radio and when they were written (cold war era) there was an assumption that anyone using a radio could possibly be a foreign agent. By law, a radio amateur cannot use codes, ciphers or anything that may be used to conceal the meaning of his speech or prevent the decoding of transmitted data. Getting your license means that your physical address becomes tied to a radio callsign that according to rules must be transmitted every 10 minutes and at the end of transmission. All of this registration information becomes part of public record and using the callsign can be looked up through the FCC or any number of ham call databases. By law, anything you do over the air may be recorded by anyone, there is no expectation of privacy or by law, anonymity.

    Of course the cold war assumptions in the current era are a joke. Who’s gonna compromise the latest weaponry by transmitting specs at 25 wpm in Morse code or pictures of the device in slow scan. And some of the commercial AM radio I’ve tuned into would be considered just as NSFW.

    So, basically, we have a couple of exhibitionists here who don’t really care who overhears them on a private repeater engaging in a little off color camp talk. They’re probably laughing about the fact that it got recorded. And yes, they were enjoying it just a little too much to be fighting. LOLs all around.

    And to the comments on “og deh godphoen was mentioned”, meh, whatever.

  29. Apparently including the character string ‘troll’ in a headline creates a gravitational effect.

  30. Any new medium starts off as a very egalitarian technical challenge to the people who use it. People appreciate it because it is new and they avoid abusing it.

    To wit: Usenet news used to be a really cool medium. Now, largely thanks to trolls, the traffic has migrated to the web, e-mail lists, and twitter. The features are actually little different than what we use today. But for some reason network news just doesn’t do it any more.

    Ham radio has always had its trolls. In morse code, we refer to these people as LID. The name stuck. There have been many who have attempted to fight this trend. Google the “Wouff Hong”.

    It’s not new behavior. Jerks exist in every medium. Xeni found a few on the 147.12 repeater.

    Try 14.313 USB. People go trolling there all the time. Try the 75 meter band. You’ll hear them.

    These idiots are the death of every publicly accessible medium.

  31. They do pose an interesting question that I think needs to be addressed by MythBusters. How long would you live if dropped from an airplane 5 miles up and lit on fire?

  32. “CB radios don’t require a license, at least in the U.S.”

    But many CBers use illegal RF amplification.

  33. Marlon Brando used to be a radio troll. He’d sit out on that island he bought and broadcast great naval dramas; doing all of the different voices from the various phantom ships by himself.

  34. I’ve often thought an insult thread would be worthwhile. No profanity or other unimaginative coarseness permitted. A duelling ground.

  35. GK and YDO are still fighting on the repeater as I post. I don’t think they sleep. It’s quite funny and sadly, quite familiar. It’s nice to know radio is the same everywhere. *sigh*.

  36. Apologies to all those offended by these guys but they really are licensed amateur operators. Both are very familiar to repeater users in the LA area.

    There was one very persistent fellow a couple of years back who really was unlicensed and operated seemingly 24 hours a day on the Sylmar repeater but he interfered with legitimate emergency traffic and is now cooling off in prison. (Google “Jack Gerritsen”)

  37. My dad is a ham radio operator and I’ve listened to his “nets” on occasion between him and his friends. I find them ridiculous, stupid and inane. Boring banter discussing nothing in particular and probably as useless as the 2 guys in this sound clip. As soon as I saw the header of this article, I didn’t even want to listen to the clip, because I figured it would be something as ridiculously embarassing as what my dad discusses on a fairly regular basis. (Though he tends to do it minus the profanity and discussion of politics and ammunition.)

    I’ve begged him for years “For the love of God, just go and chat with people on the internet. At least you’d make less of an ass of yourself…”

    (Or do it a little more anonymously.)

  38. …There’s nothing nice on the ham bands above 30 Mc/s, or using any mode other than Morse Code. Or is that just me?

    Licensing and having to ID using assigned call letters is way older than the Cold War and came about (in the nineteen-‘teens) because of operation outside the ham bands, interference, and “uncouth behavior.” There’s not much new under the sun!

    It got more uncouth when the requirement to know Morse Code in order to get a ham ticket was dropped. Sure, it was steam-powered, but it was a halfway-good troll filter.

    Well, they can have my Vibroplex when they pry it from my cold, dead hands.

  39. Yes, most of ham radio is very boring and dry. Listen for a while to the Catalina repeater, 147.090mhz. Most of the traffic is about medical issues of the aging operators, computer and radio talk. Most all the other repeaters are quiet most of the time. On the 435 repeater, the repeater is almost always active with very interesting conversations. You can hear the famous 83 year old Roy Tucker, N6TK, discuss radio history and Britney Spears during Antique Radio Roundup, as well as discussions involving the finer points of marijuana cultivation. I remember Norman Ball transmitting while his meth lab blew up, James Coburn who really was one tough man, Candike the transvestite, KROCK dj Jed the Fish KT6LSD, pissing on ted’s tires, KE6MFW, N6NHG Kevin Mitnick, Frank and the 39 fvcks and the imfamous Richard Burton.

    These people are a accurate cross section of Los Angeles, some rich and famous, some not. If it offends you, turn the channel and move to Utah.

  40. Lexapro does put a person problems in water so you can deal with each individual problem…but don’t go off it. Those brain zaps are a bitch.

  41. @ NOEN: I was thinking when he was describing it that jumping or being thrown from an airplane would extinguish the flames fairly quickly, like immediately.

  42. “I’ve begged him for years “For the love of God, just go and chat with people on the internet. At least you’d make less of an ass of yourself…””

    Some of us on ham radio do very little besides ping far-away locations just for the sake of doing that.

    I really would much rather listen for faint Morse beeping from a far off rock than get into it with these guys.

    In that vein, if you want to see another funny side of ham radio and what we’ll do for “DX”:


  43. That’s not a ham radio, or radio of any kind.

    The picture shows a typical WWII or Korean-era field phone, which were linked by plain old wires, not radio waves. They were also used extensively in Vietnam.

    The circular black crank on the left was turned (“cranked”) to ring the bell on another phone, the selector switch to the upper right of the ringer-crank is the remote line selector. Choices were “local” (phone-to-phone) lines 1 & 2, or “network”, which was basically like a party-line.

    Just below that is a lamp with a variable brightness-shroud (mechanical). You could turn it and block the light to keep it from giving away your position at night when the phone rang (assuming it was set to “lamp” mode).

    To the right of that is the handset plug, and to the right of that are the two terminals that you would connect the wires to that would go to another phone. The last selector switch, if I remember right, selected whether 1) the bell would ring or 2) the lamp would light or 3) both when someone called.


  44. I’m hearing a repeater ID, W6NRE/R, and a callsign, KF6GK. Can the OP give us some info on what time and date this was recorded, and certainly a frequency if you know it? If someone hasn’t alredy forwarded this to Riley Hollingsworth, it should be.

  45. Hey, I just want to thank all the hams for checking in on this thread, even the ones who were cranky at me for posting this. I share your love of “pinging far-away locations” — some of my earliest memories of technology involved listening to shortwave frequencies from across the world, and reveling in the seemingly secret voices that were somehow more personal and more real than the voices coming through the television, or the radio. this same mystery was what made me fall in love with the internet, years later.

    anyway, you guys keep it real. yours is a noble tradition, trolls notwithstanding.

    1. Over a year later I still remember the QSO with YDO. We still chat on the radio. I’m glad so many got a kick out of our casual 435 conversation.

      YDO and his equally impaired brother are currently homeless and living in a Volkswagen Rabbit. Who’da thought?


  46. I recognize the one voice. There is one repeater, 147.435 KGDVO, where he hangs out. One gem of a recording I have is him talking about picking up cigarettes that have not been completely smoked and harvesting the unsmoked tobacco and rolling it calling them gutter cigarettes.

    BTW – BoingBoing email verification does not work. Takes me back to sign up when I click or copy and paste the link.

  47. Antinous said:

    All of a sudden, the two cops came charging out of their car holding their noses and screaming bloody murder because he had just taken a dump on their back seat.

    I had a friend who was pulled over by the police for speeding in a small town, she was in a Jeep Wrangler, and had a cooler on the back bench. After stopping her and checking her “papers,” they asked to see what was in the cooler – she let them, and when the cops popped the top she said they let out an awful scream, grabbed their noses, and waved her on.

    She had five day-old fish rotting in the cooler, in the sun.

    I think they were hoping for open beer bottles ;^)

  48. Roberta X #62:

    It got more uncouth when the requirement to know Morse Code in order to get a ham ticket was dropped. Sure, it was steam-powered, but it was a halfway-good troll filter.

    No, it didn’t. The worst offenders have always been HF’ers whose license tenure places them firmly in the “know code” era.

    Morse Code keeps engineers out of ham radio, not trolls.

  49. Another ham here (got my novice ticket years ago at age 11 and then general class two years later). While this is pretty entertaining comedy-wise, I suspect most hams are going to shake their head at this. Ham radio was always more civilized than something like the heathens on CB. And amateur radio rules aren’t made to be broken. There was always a kind of implied honor among the hams. (implied, not absolute) These guys don’t sound like the ham radio I grew up knowing and loving. Trust me, I like to trash talk and cuss as much as the next person, but these guys need to take it somewhere else.

  50. As a ham who got his license at a young age back in the day, I took it very seriously then (how else could you get licensed by the Feds for *anything* at that young age!), and I still do. Which makes me sorry to hear this. Everybody gets sloppy with their speech, but it’s unfortunate that it can degenerate this far. VHF/repeaters has always been the “CB” aspect of ham radio, though that’s no excuse for this.

  51. Who cares. Entertainment is the operative term. Fuck yer Novice License. Times have changed. As a licensed Ham you should perhaps petition the FCC to shut this repeater down…(NOT)
    This has been going on for decades – where have you been? Tune in and have a laff once in a while…

  52. “I’ve begged him for years “For the love of God, just go and chat with people on the internet. At least you’d make less of an ass of yourself…”

    (Or do it a little more anonymously.)”

    More anonymously? I’m glad the occasional mistakes I make with my Lighting Bug can’t be Googled…

    Cheers to Roberta_x, N3OX, and Xeni for good comments.

  53. Wow, that takes me back. I really miss the infamous 435 repeater. Nothing like that in Minneapolis don’t ya know. I’ll keep my gear just in case I move back.

  54. See Negativland’s JAMCON’84 and the infamous U2 ep for the notorious ham trolling of that era.

    “Here comes Old Sewer Mouth again.”

    That’s the letter U and the numeral 2.

  55. I have similar recordings from some totally septic trucker creep living around my student ghetto – his rants were being picked up by my janky DJ mixer. Some of my mix sets probably had this guy quietly in the background.

  56. I have similar recordings from some totally septic trucker creep living around my student ghetto – his rants were being picked up by my janky DJ mixer. Some of my mix sets probably had this guy quietly in the background.

    PS, what is a troll fight by definition??

  57. Ya know, we didn’t use to hear that sorta lingo back when you needed 18wpm’s of Morse to get a license!!

    (Chance to re-live the decades-long squabble over incentive licensing.)

  58. The Ham is KF6GK, as stated previously. However the repeater is W6NUT/R (not W6NRE/R). It gets much worse. Go to: http://www.435online.com/ and click 435 Live Audio. It is live audio of he W6NUT repeater. I’m listening right now. It is non-stop crusing and degrading of women (& each other). No pauses between TX, and plenty of doubling.


  59. I tried to submit a comment 2 or 3 days ago pointing out that Roy Trumbull’s post is right, but my comment apparently was not approved. The gist of my message was that in the US it is illegal to disclose the content of a private radio conversation unless you either (a) have permission from at least one party or (b) are a member of law enforcement.

    Here’s a link to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, for your reading enjoyment:


  60. Todd, if you submitted your comment using your username, there is no ‘approval’ process, there are however occasional glitches. If you submitted anonymously it may have gotten lost in the pile.

    Also, is CB comms considered private? Does one not have to have a reasonable expectation of privacy for it to be considered as such?

  61. IANAL, thank The Maker. But the law does say this:

    “oral communication” means any oral communication uttered by a person exhibiting an expectation that such communication is not subject to interception under circumstances justifying such expectation

    Did the bozos seem to expect their conversation was just between the two of them? Beats me. They just might be dumb enough to think they’re the only two people capable of hearing their ranting. Notice that the law doesn’t have any “reasonable person” standard. All you have to do is exhibit an expectation that the conversation is private, and then it’s considered private.

    In fact, now that I think about it, I hereby swear or affirm that I believe I’m writing a personal email to you, Arkizzle. That means if anyone else were to intercept this message using electronic means and then discuss this message, they’d be in violation of US law.

    How’s that for a great way to bring the discussion to a screeching halt? :-)

  62. In spite of all the “trash talk” there’s only one thing that can’t be said on the 147.435 repeater,
    poetry. I know this because I was kicked off the repeater for poetry. KC6WZM. Gary Elmer, go stick your head in the toilet and pull the lever now!

  63. It sounds almost like the FAMOUS repeater out there in California, 147.435 MHz. Uses to listen to it on winamp very entertaining. It just as bad as 14.275 MHz. on the 20 meter ham band.

  64. I have talked with these two before, GK is ok, the other one (whitey O )is a crazy tweeker. THEY ARE LICENSED, LOL ALL OF THEM. Its the 147.435 so-cal repeater, Its filthy, its rediculous, and super funny. The fcc knows about them and the language has been deemed (not outside of compliance) so long as graphic illegal sexual content is not included in the content. Most of the guys have sub audible cw identifiers running in the background.

    Tards that like to comment on AMATEURS and their code of honor, that are not themselves amateurs should pipe down. THIS IS WHAT IT HAS EVOLVED INTO, well at least in the darkest corner of so-cal repeaters. Good clean air is on 99.9 percent of the rest of the repeaters.

  65. Yeah, I like all the Hi Hi OM Hams complaining on here, then they say “I am listening right now”

    It is ENTERTAINMENT people lighten up!

    I know someone who works in the LA area at a HAM store and 90 % of uppity hams who put their radios in for repair have THAT repeater programmed into memory..


    Previous poster was right 99.9% of the other repeaters are dead air or some old man talking about his hemmeroids

  66. You have to live in L.A. to undestand this repeater. Its 147.435. It’s like a large slice of reality shoved into a 5kHz bit of voice bandwith. There are users that are on the way far wacko left, users that are on the crazy far obtuse right, theres the output jammer that insistes on reading poetry. There ae folk that have seved jail time and the rest are a lot of normal folk that are thrown into the mix. Think of a big bell curve…simple. I talk there all the time. I am definatly one of the folk in the middle. But hey, it’s called “Feedom of Speech” You may not like it, but it’s not illegal. In your minds eye you may see that, and I woud not be too far behind you with ageeing to it, but the FCC has let it run for over 30+ yeas. Hey, there are definatly a couple of hams that I really have serious doubts about, but it’s a show. Horseshoes and Hand Grenades. Just don’t forget to wear your helmet!!!
    It’s why they put 2 failsafe devices in every radio I have eve used. The channel changer knob, and the OFF button. They really come in handy some time!!!
    There realy should be a Website to ID the cast of characters. It would be like having a Program at the Opera. Ya all really can’t make sense with out one!!!

  67. Hams are going to have to do better to continue to enjoy precious and exclusive spectrum space. Most hams are old men who worked in various technical fields. Repeaters are like street corners where certain individuals hang out. The feasibility era of radio is over, so now hams need to do something with the spectrum that makes it worthwhile. The recording you made is not unusual in content, and that is a great waste of a valuable resource.

  68. Ham radio is dead – all they talk about every day is:
    The price of gas
    Health problems
    The Weather
    Traffic problems
    Every repeater – every day – the same crap – unless you get into the 900mhz and above – mostly tech talk their – anywhere else is a bunch of sewing circle people on their death bed.

  69. They are IDing. Don’t you hear the CW in the background on KF6GK’s signal. That is completley legal (go check part 97).

  70. This makes me sick. I can not stand hams (assuming they are licensed which apparently and unfortunately they are) getting onto a repeater and using profanity. I have a friend who is a fellow ham that was traveling in LA and ran across this filth on his HT. Unfortunately he was showing his son what ham radio was and ran across this foul excuse for communication and turned both their stomachs. They are both Southern Christians and have now been soured.

    These people like some other people I have heard on 75M (3.843 LSB the “Possom Crew” where I have literally heard the phrase “I will call the F**king FCC on you Mother F**ker” don’t understand that operating ham radio is a privilege and a responsibility not a right.

    All hams including myself owe a debt of service to the community in which we live (disaster communications and things of the like) and we also owe a debt of common decency. That does not mean drop 50 F bombs in the course of 2 minutes on a VHF repeater.

    I hope Laura shuts these pathetic excuses for humans down so that we don’t have trash like this on the air.

    In closing I am not a opponent of free speech and I do cuss myself but I will not cuss on the air as I think about the traveling ham with underage children in the car scanning the band and I would not want my children hearing such filth from a hobby that I love.

    73 de N5VAG

  71. Anon #100

    “This is nothing compared to what you’ll hear on 14.275 USB on any given day. Just google VE7KFM.”

    FYI If you actually LISTENED using a RADIO on 14.275 MHz since early July 2009 you will have heard Glenn K1MAN transmitting his “Bulletins” 24/7/365 there and NOT Karol VE7KFM.

    More generally, why do you need to Google anyone’s call sign before LISTENING to a given amateur radio freq.? I thought that they had to ID every 10 min. in the Excited States of HAMereeka.

    Could it be that you/your putative readers do NOT have the intellectual horsepower to figure out what is going on, ON THE RADIO, for yourself/ves in real time?

    Are you perhaps afraid of being misled by the long-time FRAUDulent goings-on of the “14.275 Mafia” now operating just below that freq.?

    Or, as is most likely from the wider context, are you trying to poison the putative listeners’ minds with Brian CROW K3VR’s LIES, HATE & PROPAGANDA splashed in its various permutations & combinations on the WWW for only the past ~4 years?

    If you want to hear/engage VE7KFM — assuming that you have a licence/Xceiver/coat-hanger for an antenna — listen ~14.273 MHz at close of propagation on the East Coast of North America most evenings. As a distant consolation prize — if you’re a compu-geek rather than even an SWL, as is likely — visit Karol’s ONE & ONLY and much imitated website:



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