Canadian Copyright Consultation shows Canadians overwhelmingly support moderate, fair copyright

The Canadian government's copyright consultation has received over 4,000 submissions from Canadians (it's not too late to send yours!). Of these, the overwhelming majority are in favour of more liberal copyright, against extending the term of copyright, against stiffer penalties for infringement (only three submissions advocated this) and against US-DMCA-style rules protecting DRM.

There have been three recent attempts to reform Canadian copyright law without public consultation, and each one provided for stricter copyright enforcement, protection for DRM, stiffer penalties, etc -- in other words, each one tried to implement a law that was the opposite of what the Canadian public asked for, when it was given a chance.

So now what? What kind of copyright law will the Canadian government introduce now that the public has spoken?

Copyright Consultation Submission Summary: Over 4,000 Posted Through August 31st


  1. the Harper Mafia will be gone by christmas. All Canadians have to do is resist and hang on. And maybe collect evidence for the later trials.

  2. Good luck Canada.

    But the biz down here in lalaland aint gonna roll over that easy.

    & the smoke from the station fire might have reached Pacific Palisades and Brentwood and clouded the ent. studio head’s even more.

    Be on guard!

  3. This runs directly parallel to the question of the legal status of marijuana: the clear majority of canadians want it decriminalized or legalized: but the Harper government introduces mandatory prison terms for production, and harsher penalties for use, instead.
    As in this case, just like some “VIP” Americans and their Canadian shills and lickspittles prefer, eh?

    A pattern develops.

  4. Canada failed to keep Harper out. Harper’s sniffing of Cheney’s taint was obvious from day one. Wasn’t Afghanistan enough?

  5. The canadian federal government will ignore all the input, and table whatever bill that BCE and the americans will write for them.

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