Free Frontalot/JoCo single: "Diseases of Yore:"

Nerdcore rapper superstar MC Frontalot sez, "I am playing the mainstage at PAX tonight, and JoCo [ed: Jonathan "Nerd Troubadour Extraordinaire" Coulton] is playing tomorrow, so I woke up early and posted a new single from my CD Final Boss. It is called Diseases Of Yore and it features Mr. Coulton. It is PAX synergy. Synergism?"

Diseases of Yore MP3

Final Boss CD

(Thanks, Frontalot!)


  1. I choose to boycott this track due to the use of the random “oh, look at me, i’m so hip” shortening of Coulton’s name.

  2. #5 posted by Daemon:

    Or you could, you know, identify the joke and move on.

    That’s the path I’d take. Because you can be sure that the joke has identified you. And it’s not laughing.


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