More cute videos from Google Japan

Here are more sweet stop-motion videos from Google Japan. (Thanks, Scott!)


  1. they really seem to be a bit desperate getting streetview popular (or justified) in Japan.

    Soon the UK version, featuring Wallace & Grommit

  2. It certainly work in its cuteness. You could look at this through so many different lenses and be cynical, but I think it addresses what it needs to on its face.

  3. The first half looks like the happiest dystopia ever, then the second half tries to assuage those fears.

  4. I like Google streetview… It’s fun and allows me to travel right via my screen.

    We’ve just had it operational here in Switzerland and people are being such cry babies about identity theft… idiots. No one cares about your ugly face. If you cheat on your wife, the least you can do is cover it properly.

  5. Ya know, I bet the UK would have fewer people up in arms re: their surveillance society if they’d simply gone this route & had Aardman do an animation of mr happy CCTV camera protecting it’s citizens…

    1984 meets Hello Kitty.

    Cute video, disturbing implications for using cute to subvert the right to privacy… oh, and I use google apps & services daily, so I’m part of the problem, too ;)

  6. In case anyone cares, the title of the video listed on Youtube is, “Concerning Google Street View Privacy”.

    The title screen says, “Google Map’s Street View”.

    The closing screen just says, “Google Map”.

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