David Lynch, window-dresser.


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  1. Syd says:

    If only Buket was around to spray his name on the window.

  2. hokano says:

    Is that the disembodied head of woman or a man? And which way is that freight train moving?

  3. Anonymous says:

    My new Youtube Movie, “The Transmigration of Donovan Lynch” about David Lynch, Donovan and Transcendental meditation.
    Trailer : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvpg9d5rjqk
    and full version on Blip.tv
    Enjoy !

  4. Anonymous says:

    Man he’s almost a better visual artist than vilm maker. Almost ;-) I love his work. I met him once at a film makers work shop in Seattle years ago in North Bend where he shot Twin Peaks. He’s also a really nice guy in person and seemed really excited to talk to our rag tag group of aspiring directors and cinematogrophers

  5. sopekmir says:

    David makes projects in my city (Lodz (Poland)) too (see: Inland Empire.) So I like him very much.

    I like this expression of the ghostly face and the train – makes us think …

  6. Torley says:

    I’ve been waiting all these years for him to combine Scream with Shining Time Station.

  7. mellowknees says:

    @#2 omg I nearly choked…that was hilarious.

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