Dan Brown's latest book takes down freemasons.org


I received this email message yesterday, regarding Dan Brown's new thriller, The Lost Symbol. It looks like the Illuminati have shut down freemasons.org, to prevent further secrets from being revealed.


  1. Oh damn, did he reveal the secret of building stone arches by way of a keystone? That’s gonna destroy their entire revenue stream!

  2. The Fnord Motor Company, with transferable power from the Servants of Cthulhu, will attack to neutralize the Freemasons….

  3. I wonder why the another website, directly mentioned in the book: http://www.theintentionexperiment.com/
    was not affected.
    Seems that they were not the readers who get the freemason.org down. Rumors and aura about the book comes from rumors and aura – not from actual reading.

    BTW, My opinion about the book: as naive as all of Brown’s books – yet – as good story as all his stories….

  4. They should get it up and running and put a few ads up on it so that they can rake in a little revenue off of the new visitors. I can see not wanting to make money off of your members or real potential members visiting the site, but the “tourists” that visit the site in relation to the book are a ready source of income. It could at least help offset any added costs the boost in traffic causes.

    If the added traffic doesn’t cost any extra, they could use in their charity work or something, and that way something real and positive could be generated from the extra page views.

  5. #12… ummm the whole point of masonary is to make money and cement power by using it’s members.

    so… you clearly have NFI.

  6. One of the oddest things about my grandpa’s funeral a few years ago was not the surprise appearance of my dad’s new wife but that my grandpa was a Mason!

    There were some older men, presumably from his lodge, who attended the funeral and they did a little ceremony thing that I don’t really remember anything about. It was kind of sad to find that kind of thing out after he died though.

  7. Oh great, Grand Lodge of California will probably raise our dues to pay for more robust webhosting. This never happens to the Oddfellows.

  8. Strange indeed that they picked GL of California’s website and not UGLE or Prince Hall or any of the other US Grand Lodges sites.

    Perhaps it is because CA Grand Lodge picked the easy target of freemason.org.

  9. Having read three of Dan Brown’s books already (The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, and the even more craptastic one about encryption whose name I forget), I’ve had my fill of intellectual masochism. I think I can safely skip this one. And my brain will no doubt be happier for it.

    1. I am a Master Mason, and rest assured, the illuminati are not any part of Freemasonry. If you really want to know, just petition a local Masons Lodge and become a member. Lots of good being done. Our lodge’s biggest project is scholarships every year to all the high schools in the county. Masons donate over 2 million dollars (world wide)to various charities PER DAY. We do sound evil huh?

  10. This book will do nothing but help the Masonic Fraternity. We expect a substantial increase in interest over the next few months, and and even larger boost after the film debuts. God bless Dan Brown!

  11. Im a little naive in respects of masons and illuminati but i always beleived that secret societies were just that (a secret) and i beleive that these societies we’re made by the real secret society to keep every distracted, magicians trick show one hand whilst the other does slight of hand. also as far as i can gather its not about money as that comes and go’s but about knowledge the greatest thing on this earth for whoever has knowledge has control, whomever has control has power and whomever has power gains wealth…who knows, who really cares as it beyond 99% of the world population and controlled way beyond the goverment figures we beleive to be in charge…they say the greatest trick the devil performed was to make man beleive he didnt exist…i say the greatest trick the devil performed was to tell us he existed and where he could be found and while we look for him he walks amoung us undetected!!!

  12. It is so humorous that people like these that have commented here have no idea what they are talking about. By letting others express your ideas for you, you continue to prove that many people are simple minded. Just so that you know, Dan Brown speaks very highly of the Masons and Freemasonry in general. Of course, because of the “supposed” link to the Illumianti, the stories have swirled around for many years and that makes a great book and, in turn, many people that will buy the book just like Angels and Demons was read by many people that believe in fiction. Simple minds, led to the slughter like the innocent lamb and all because they take someone else’s word instead of doing their own investigation.

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