Hackerspace conference in Hamilton, ON, Oct 2-3


4 Responses to “Hackerspace conference in Hamilton, ON, Oct 2-3”

  1. Anonymous says:

    So, Cory – you actually believe we’re having a conference, and it’s not a scam like our laser engraver playing Mario Brothers?

  2. lamedust says:

    I’m disappointed to be missing this! We’re doing a HackerSpace documentary and will be filming the Alabama hackerspace meetup. But you know what, when we get up to Ontario the 25th we’ll be visiting each of those spaces individually. Hee!
    Canadians are awesome!

    -Bilal Ghalib

  3. Myrcurial says:

    Thank you Mr. Doctorow, we shall be toasting you as we live in the future now.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Also there is hackerspaces meetup this weekend in Huntsville Alabama at makerslocal256.



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