R2D2 with 8 game-consoles in him

I know nothing about this R2D2 cooler-mod, except that it seems to consist of 8 retro game consoles shoehorned in glorious higgeldy-piggeldy into R2, with a projector.

Incredible R2D2 Hack has 8 Consoles + Projector (Thanks, Dan!)


  1. However, only 7 are inside the unit. Looks like the Dreamcast is on top of the dome!

    XBOX, PSX, Genesis, NES, SNES, N64, Dreamcast, but are the black ones on the right Atari 7800 or what?

  2. Ive recently discovered the delights of plugging a 360 contoller into my pc and playing all my old fav’s on emulators, but this is one of the most awesome things i have ever seen…

  3. Oh, the projector makes this. r2d2 shaped games cabinet is one thing, but sticking a projector in his head = awesome

  4. Very shexy. I like the way they did the Atari and NES cartridge ports in front (begs a better picture for ports). Epyx 500XJ’s for street cred. Curious as to function of the upside-down NES controller in the front with the cord running through it horizontally (volume? power? projector control?) Kinda mixed feeling about the Dreamcast sticking out of the top of R2’s dome, though, and makes me wonder where the PS1’s at and how it loads.

    1. Xbox
    2. PS1
    3. Genesis
    4. SNES
    5. NES
    6. N64
    7. Dreamcast
    8. Atari 2600 (7800?)

  5. plug your ears

    THIS IS BY FAR THE COOOOOOOLEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you know, unless of course, it doesn’t work.

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