It's Gadhafi Mania!

Aman Ali, a BoingBoing guest blogger, is the co-author of 30 Mosques, a Ramadan adventure taking him to a different mosque in New York City every day for a month.
Leaders from around the world are meeting in New York City this week for the United Nations summit, and nothing could be more entertaining than residents in a ritzy NYC suburb protesting Libyan dictator Muammar Gadhafi staying in a tent on Donald Trump's estate. My co-workers and I today were trying to figure out who Gadhafi looks like. I won by saying he looked like Mickey Rourke, but in second place was pro-wrestling legend Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka. Can you guys think of any other Gadhafi look-alikes?


  1. There’s a little bit of “Macho Man” Randy Savage in him too.

    Gadhafi even acts like a pro wrestler sometimes.

  2. Muammar Ghadafi looks like Mickey Rourke from the movie The Wrestler, Jimmy Snuka is another look alike and a real professional wrestler, named after the 70s movie Superfly, which starred Ron O’Neal, who co-starred in Red Dawn with Patrick Swayze, who is best known for an 80s dance movie… just like Kevin Bacon.

  3. He sort of looks like Edward James Olmos or maybe Danny Trejo. I have o say though, Sonya Sotomayor is a good call.

  4. HAHAHAHA! Xopher you’re hilarious.

    And kudos to whomever said he looks like George Jefferson from The Jeffersons. That has to be the best one yet.

  5. Perhaps the question is “who is he paying his expensive team of plastic surgeons to make him look like”?

  6. I think he looks like Wild Man Fisher with a funny hat and sunglasses. Take a look at the album cover for “An Evening With Wild Man Fisher” and see what I mean… that would be on Bizarre Records label in around 1970(ish)

  7. Hahahaha David Paterson! I cant believe I didnt see that. Anonymous, whoever you are, I crown you the winner!

  8. Take off the fez and tribal cloak, replace it with a fucked-up cowboy hat and cowboy suit, and you have Bob Dylan!

  9. Back when the movie “Innerspace” came out, the character called “The Cowboy” was a dead-ringer for Gadhafi at the time.

    1. Now all I can see him as is Queen Latifa.

      Oh, please, someone photoshop him into an ad for CoverGirl.

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