Photos of Edward Gorey's house

Liam sez, "130 photos from in and around Edward Gorey's home. There was a book published a while back of his home that included a secret room through a small door at the back of a closet that housed his children's book collection that sadly is not in this set."

Edward Gorey Documentary (Thanks, Liam!)


  1. I have Georges Perec’s A Void. It was written without the letter e. Then translated into English. Cool to spot things like that.

  2. Pic there shows that Gorey read some experimental literature. Georges Perec’s “A Void” is the third book up from the bottom. Yay Oulipo!

  3. I am, just this week, oh so slowly reading Amphigorey for the first time in my life.


    Thanks for the bonus feature to my book!

  4. It was in the late 1950s I found myself laughing in a bookstore at “The Curious Sofa”. I’ve been a fan ever since.
    I’ve been puzzled about his use of the name “Trumbull” in one of his books. Don’t know if he knew a Trumbull or not.

  5. Isn’t it comforting to know that not all people
    with a cluttered house need to have a team of
    “experts” to come in and throw it all away!

  6. Excellent book comprised of interviews with Gorey – Ascending Peculiarity. In some of the interviews, he discusses why his house is the way it is.

  7. His house is an over-sized art studio, or garage. Of course it looks a bomb dropped in there, it was a creative furnace.

  8. Edward Gorey is great, and ‘Ascending Peculiarity’ and ‘Elephant House’ are wonderful books to read. I find these photos, however, too invasive. Of course it’s (macabrely) interesting to see the tiny detritus of his life, but it’s feels gross and voyeuristic afterwards.

  9. Thanks for featuring these photos, which I shot at the Gorey house during the week of his death in April, 2000. They really do represent the way he kept the house during his life, a dynamic, living, personal museum.

    The documentary is hung up in the red tape of the non profit estate but rest assured, we will get it out. It’s a feature length verite-style film shot with his active participation and encouragement over 4 years.

    Christopher Seufert
    Mooncusser Films

  10. Visited there a few years ago, I can’t recommend it enough! It was quite a shock, after seeing the moody b&w photos in Elephant House, to see how sunny and inviting the house is! This photo set does a nice job of capturing it.

  11. I wonder what Mr. Gorey would have though about people looking through his stuff on the internet. While it is very interesting, it seems intrusive. After looking at a few photos I caught myself thinking bad things about him, his mess, and his strange taste in most things, so I left. It doesnt seem polite, or appropriate.

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