POGO For A Happy Monday


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  1. pahool says:

    Love Pogo!

  2. infinitemptythoughts says:

    I just love the Pogo stick rhythms. hypnotizes with a bounce and kick, every song
    delicious, I want to hear it in loop. He deserve a crown. BB Brings the inner-kid out to play.

  3. Eric Hunting says:

    I have often said that the only reason I would consider becoming an astronaut is so I can sing the riverboat song during launch.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Love Pogo! Such a shame his remix of Hook got taken down by The Man, but props for its swift return by fellow Pogo-lovers.

  5. Dean Putney says:

    Pogo is always a good choice. I’ve been trying to round out my YouTube playlist of music videos that are somewhat similar to his style:

    Also of note, most of Pogo’s music is available for free on Last.fm:
    Check under the Top Tracks section for download links.

  6. czzl says:

    Far more effective than LadyAda’s DIY Dazzler.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ah, man, I loved that Hook remix. I watched it at least a dozen times. I can’t stand copyright nazis.

  8. Bassam Tariq says:

    @Dean Putney thanks for the last FM link.

    Has anyone seen this?


  9. Menlo Bob says:

    Is there a Harlem, NY or is it a section of one of New York City’s boroughs that is known as Harlem?

  10. teufelsdroch says:

    Yesh bb helped break this guy some time ago:


    Glad to see him back, tho.

  11. markbellis says:

    I think I just got diabetes….the colors are more intense then in Tim Burton’s version. Harlem’s a neighborhood in Manhattan.

  12. MelSkunk says:

    I find his Mary Poppins remix to be the perfect antidote for the blues:

    Thanks for reminding me of him!

  13. Anonymous says:

    THANK YOU for sharing pogo with the world!

    been loving this guy for awhile now.

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