Road kill toy


I'm not sure if this delightful toy is real or a work of art. I don't really care.

Toy Teaches Children About Life And Death


  1. I think it’s a play on words from a popular children’s song.

    “neko neko, funjatta
    funjatta, funja funja

    “Cat, cat, I stepped on the cat, stepped, stepped, stepped on the cat!”


    (btw, it actually reads, “neko funjatta”)

    As far as why this is funny…? Perhaps it’s the style of cute/dark humor that’s so popular in Japan?

  2. …I’m not one of those psychotic cat lovers, even though I’ve got five of them here at OMWorld Central – two of which are watching me type this post – but that concept for a toy actually exceeds even my levels of bad taste.

    Seriously, this one’s sick beyond humor.

  3. It doesn’t seem so strange. It’s probably not actually for kids, seems like a novelty toy of the sort I used to buy at my local magic shop. I loved stuff like this when I was a kid – horror movies, Stephen King, skeletons, bizarre and gory toys like this one, fake blood etc.

  4. As anonymous mentioned, this is the work of guro/surrealist/horror/shock manga artist Shintaro Kago, who has gained a following for work much more violent than that.

    Manga blog Same Hat offers scanlations and updates on his work here: but he also has a youtube channel and his work was featured on the cover of vice magazine not to long ago (the cover):

  5. Ah. Neko neko. Is that what the dolls were singing in the version of “Walk, Don’t Run” that showed up here previously?

  6. Wow! I love it!
    I’m living in Osaka right now (also a short train ride from Kyoto and Kobe), so would anyone happen to know where I could find one of these online or in the area?
    I’ve searched Shintaro Kago’s site and can’t seem to find anything about it.
    Many thanks!

  7. Oops! If it’s a one-off work of art then nonetheless bravo! …but I wish they were sold in stores.

  8. @Travoid: They actually sell Kago’s toys at Village Vanguard shops sometimes. They have them at TACO CHE in Nakano Broadway Mall in Tokyo, and Kago sells them himself at gallery shows and events around tokyo.

    Lucky for you, Kago is doing a gallery/short film show in Osaka on November 7… very soon!
    【日時】11月7日(土) open18:30 start19:00
    大阪市浪速区桜川1-7-30 リバーライズビル2F
    JR 「難波駅」より西へ徒歩5分
    【料金】前売\2000 当日\2500(1ドリンク代別途)

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