Please release me: Rock Band iPhone, Small Worlds, Eufloria, LostWinds, Space Invaders Extreme


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  1. HaltingPoint says:

    Just a not about JayIsGames–and unfortunately its not positive.

    This site used to be great before it took off and while it still occasionally posts some gems, the vast majority of what it posts about now are either hidden object games, escape games, time management games or some variation of those.

    That in and of itself isn’t horrible, however they are all typically from the same publishers because those are the ones with profitable affiliate programs. You see, JiG has decided to focus on monetizing the site in a pretty heavy manner. Gone are the days of lots of random flash games that they scoured the web for. Now you just see demos with affiliate links to buy and ads plastered all over it.

    They even bought the URL because it was likely better for SEO purposes. I’m sorry, but what was once a great casual game site has become a complete sellout full of the same trash as all the others.

  2. Jasonclock says:

    Small Worlds is certainly one of the most wonderful things I’ve experienced this month. Thanks, BB! And many thanks to the creators, David Shute and Kevin MacLeod.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just finished Small World, what a perfect little haiku of a game. Thanks you!

  4. Anonymous says:

    To reply to the preceding post about JayIsGames, while I agree that the emphasis on an *extremely* limited range of similar games is disappointing, it does seem like those posts are limited to the weekend (for downloadable games that cost money: hidden object, time management) or Wednesdays (for escape games). My guess is that the number of quirky, interesting games posted per week has probably *increased* over the last few years. It’s just that there’s a whole lot more uninteresting stuff to weed through.

    Now, as for Boingboing and its cluster of websites, could I ask: has been more or less abandoned? This article here, it seems, wasn’t even cross-posted over there and it looks like there hasn’t been anything posted over there in at least three or four days. It’s disappointing, because Offworld has been one of the few places to consistently read intelligent articles about interesting games.

  5. God at play says:

    @HaltingPoint, I totally get what you’re saying. Rumor has it they’re even trying to convince Flash devs to put JIG links into the games upon sponsorship in exchange for a review on the site.

    @Anonymous 10/25 18:10,

    @RevEng, it’s about the emotion you get from exploring in the game. The reward is simply the feeling of exploration and sense of wonder.

  6. Hagrid says:

    Small Worlds is delightful!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I guess I’m a huge wimp cause I cried a little at small worlds. Thanks for sharing it.

    This post never made it to offworld for some reason?

  8. Hyouko says:

    If you liked Small Worlds, you’ll probably like Knytt and Knytt Stories:

    The former is more purely exploration based, and the latter is a bit game-y-er. Both are definitely Wonderful Things.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for posting about Small Worlds, it’s wonderful!

    And the hosting site,, has been especially wonderful uncovering little jewels like this for years. Definitely a worthy and reliable bookmark.

  10. eustace says:

    Small Worlds was great, but I’m frustrated by this one little nook in one of the “portal” worlds – a little nook behind a vertical conveyor that I just cant seem to get to. Aaaaugh!

  11. Matthew Miller says:

    Small Worlds is beautiful. It succinctly captures the feel of the original Myst game with very few brushstrokes.

  12. RevEng says:

    At the risk of sounding daft, I don’t get it. Small Worlds is definitely an exploration game, but what’s the point? Maybe I’m missing something, but though I did want to explore them at first, and some were neat to see (the snow world has a nice twist to it), I wonder if I’m missing something when I say that I don’t see the point. Does something special happen if you manage to explore every nook and cranny? Is the reward just uncovering the entire picture? If that’s it, then I wasn’t terribly impressed.

    The only thing I really got from this “game” was the sense of exploring just to figure out where I am and what I’m supposed to do. Unfortunately, I didn’t really figure out either of these things. Also, I didn’t “win”, unless winning is just completing the game.

    With so many people extolling the virtues of this game, could somebody please enlighten me?

  13. Lemon says:

    Borderlands should come with a warning. Haven’t been this addicted to a game since Diablo 2.

    Also seconding the recommendation. If you like small quirky flash games they dig up a lot of them.

  14. Jurple says:

    Regarding JayIsGames: sure, they are monetizing the site, and I care little for some of the fare they focus on. At the same time, there is a _lot_ of interesting content. For one, they are organizing the contest that currently brings us Small Worlds, and has delivered in the past gems like Gimme Friction Baby, Sprout, Pieces or the Absolute Awesome Ball Game. For another, they are where I first heard about Spelunky or Dyson/Eufloria. I’m not buying their partner’s software, but I’m not keeping away from the site either.

    And yes, Small Worlds rocks.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Right, g.a.p., I read that last week, but if BB is phasing out offworld why is there still a link at the top in the new design? And until now the entries were crossposted.

    Oh, well

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