Sega Zippos

These vintage Sega console commemorative Zippos are swell, though possibly not ~$100 worth of swell.

セガハードメモリアルジッポーライター (via Wonderland)


  1. They don’t look like real Zippo lighters, though, so they’re probably even further from being worth $100.

    At least with an actual Zippo-brand lighter there’s a pretty great service warranty.

    1. That’s where you are wrong. Those are genuine Zippo lighters. If you look at the alternate views of the Saturn lighter you can clearly see the mark on the bottom.

  2. You’re right, they’re not worth $100, they’re worth more. At least they should be in that magical faery world where artists and craftsfolk are actually fairly financially compensated for their work.

    Look at the insane detail on these things! Unless they were busted out with a high-end 3D printer in a lab that’s some serious labor. (Even if they were 3D printed, that’s probably still hours of labor)

    Sure, “goods are only worth what people are willing to pay” I guess, but just the same, I sometimes feel like the whole everything ‘Made in China by slaves for $0.0002 world has really cheapened our perception of what hand crafted quality art, furniture, tools, and crafts are actually worth.

    Also, these are Japanese goods. Everything costs more here, especially if it is manufactured (or at least labeled) domestically.

    Extra Pedantic footnotery: Just checked the conversion rate for USD – 115$ for these badboys – boy is the dollar ever taking a beating, yeesh!

  3. I have been trying to figure out how to order one of these for a week now. Is it even possible to get it shipped to the US? Babelfish wasn’t really working out, and it just doesn’t look like it’s very likely that they are willing to ship it here. Help?

  4. These are definitly true Zippo lighters, the website uses the brand Zippo (in Japanese, but still Zippo) everywhere and a few pictures shows it on the bottom of it.

    That makes it quite worth the price.

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