Pop Up Lunch NYC: temporary nosh-surfaces for New York's streets


13 Responses to “Pop Up Lunch NYC: temporary nosh-surfaces for New York's streets”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant. Hope for humanity.

  2. ParsDestruensParsConstruens says:

    Just so you know, there’s an error in the first sentence. “…student at Pulver” ought to read “…student at Pratt,” I think.

  3. sally599 says:

    FYI they use a high powered magnet not hooks.

  4. Adam Fields says:

    This probably needs to have some sort of integrated trash disposal area.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have seen hydrant tables for years in New Orleans, and the ones being used clearly look like they were “invented” decades ago.

  6. MarkM says:

    The thing I tend to notice at the mobile lunch carts is: huge amounts of trash in and around the cart, obviously left by previous patrons of said cart. Better that they have no place to eat so that they take their food and its detritus away with it.

  7. jfrancis says:

    Reminds me of small paintings I’ve seen with screws spaced so as to allow them to be hung from those same kinds of street poles.


  8. Anonymous says:

    It needs more prevention of it spinning off, perhaps two bolts to hold it up.
    Also, a lip to help prevent a bump on the pole or the tray causing complete culinary catastrophe would be good too.

    • dculberson says:

      I’m pretty sure it does go into more than one hole; you can see a white vertical piece below the upper tray. Otherwise it wouldn’t be balancing like that, I think.

  9. Quiet Noises says:

    He should’ve resolved his materials to something more practical than a slab of MDF before this really quite decent idea hit the blogosphere.

  10. McMe says:

    Nice to see a little more liveability in the fabric of our lives. Now we just need to get the Architects on side and incorporate the idea into the design of buildings and outdoor structures

  11. dequeued says:

    Those would be awesome on the subway.
    I usually eat my breakfast on the subway, and while walking to the subway.

  12. Stiv says:

    Nice, but I see people leaving their trash behind. Maybe she can mount small trash cans as well.

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