I am unicorn, destroyer of ponies


Image link. Devin McGrath. (via galadarling via Susannah Breslin)


  1. I just KNEW that they were going to let Michael Bay do a “My Little Pony” adaptation after Hasbro made so much money off those Transformers flicks.

  2. Narwhals, narwhals / swimming in the ocean / causing a commotion / ‘coz they are so awesome.

    Oh, argh – that’ll take a while to get out of my head again.

  3. Any chance of a high resolution desktop wallpaper sized link?


    This would also make a badass tshirt.

  4. Man, you think that’s bad, you should try playing Dwarf Fortress in a starting area infested with unicorns. Those guy’s’ll gore your starting dwarves up pretty good.

    But not as bad as the murderous carp would, I’ll give you that.

  5. Nice, but I’m wondering how it gets the impaled ponies off its horn? Or do they just stay rotting there as a dire warning to the others?

    1. Obviously, it takes the pony-flesh back to its lair where its offspring feeds on it, pony-kabob style.

  6. Awesome I’ll never look at my little ponies again with out waiting for the unicorn to come out and destroy them

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