WWI images from Library and Archives Canada


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  1. 2k says:

    The girl seems to be drinking it in for us…

  2. ambroisebachot says:

    It was great to see the art of Mary Hamilton in the collection. The contributions of Canada’s war artists (like A.Y. Jackson and Fred Varley) provide an interesting perspective on the war. The program has been rekindled as the Canadian Forces Artist Program. The ongoing poetry of smsteele, for example, brings us some of the emotional experience of Afghanistan in a way that news reporters can’t. See warpoet.ca.

  3. Robbo says:

    I just like how many people wore hats in those days.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Does that sign on the right say Fancy Boobs?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Bit of a shameless plug, but, if you are interested in archival material from WW1, we have put together a virtual exhibition in Secondlife using material, poetry, images, veteran interviews, from our web archive project. Please see the SL project page at http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/ww1lit/secondlife/

  6. Csteph says:

    (submitting again having read the submission guidelines :p)

    If you are interested in archival material from WW1 you may be interested in the project we have recently been engaged in to bring poetry and archive material from the First World War Poetry Digital Archive into Secondlife, We have take material, poerty, images, videos, and veteran interviews, and tried to set them in the context of the Western Front conflict. The simulation also seeks to challenge some of the commonly held views about the nature of the conflict in a short tutorial section at the end.

    The project URL is in my profile.

  7. octopod says:

    more guys should rock a hat, oldentimes ppl were cool.

  8. Anonymous says:

    as i commented in one of the pictures, the 640×480 almost thumbnail size of these pictures make them pretty useless these days…

  9. caseyd says:

    The panoramic shots are wonderful, in their way. Also quite sad.
    Thanks, ambroisebachot, for the painters name.

  10. OsoMan says:

    Ok, ok, Huges was an idiot. In fact, he was the very picture of a self-important, blundering fool. He was in fact very close to the Flashman character in the George MacDonald Fraser novels of the same name. Ba-ffoon. That said, he did have one major achievement which had a tremendous impact on making Canada. He refused to allow the British to break up the Canadian Division into battalions that would have been dispersed amongst the British Divisions. His stolid refusal allows the Canadian soldiers to remain intact and eventually gave the British their first win of the war at Vimmy. The impact of that victory was huge in Britain and Canada. Yes, war is bad, yes he was a buffoon, but arguably, his one success (keeping the Canadian Div whole) helped forge the identity of the nation (sorry Pierre Berton…)

  11. scifijazznik says:

    That’s pretty much what I imagine Canada looks like now…

  12. sauce says:

    Does that say “Fancy Boobs” on that building on the right? For the life of me I cant figure out what else it could say.

  13. coop says:

    Uhh, no.

    It’s in colour now.


  14. Dan Mac says:

    A couple of photos past this one on Flickr is a great side view portrait of the great wooden head himself, General Sam Hughes. Rarely has such an incompetent blowhard sent so many to their early graves with his backroom substandard equipment deals, his insistence on appointing Loyal Orangemen as Commanders rather than anyone else for ability,and his persistence in trying to refight the Boer war seriously compromised the sorry Canucks when they first jumped into the war.
    He was eventually forced to resign, and of course was knighted prior to his death.

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