Charity auction for characters names in forthcoming sf novels by great writers


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  1. Angstrom says:

    remember to tip your author well.

    ” … and then, out of the blackness staggered the most hideous thing I ever saw, with features like a foam rubber rhinocerous melted in a fire. The stench was apalling, overwhelming, corpse-like. His name was George Peter McClough . I vomited … ”

    [excerpt from upcoming novel]

  2. Halloween Jack says:

    So, the purpose of this charity is to send one fan a year to an SF convention overseas? I mean, good for them and I probably wouldn’t turn down the chance if given it, but you know, recession and so forth.

  3. wgmleslie says:

    For the curious: Tuckerization


    Tuickerizing can lead to amusing results. This Elliot Wilhelm for instance is not the actual Curator of the Detroit Film Theater.

  5. Claire says:

    Hi, we are having an auction at our library and a local author is allowing us to auction off the chance to have a bidder’s name in his next book. We are trying to determine a value for this. Can you tell me how much bidders have paid for “tuckerizations” at your November auction?

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