Charity auction for characters names in forthcoming sf novels by great writers

The Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund is a venerable institution that sends sf fans from North America to Europe and vice-versa, to bridge the world's fandoms (there are other funds that bring together fans from other parts of the world). Frank Wu, Anne KG Murphy and Brian Gray are fundraising for this year's fund, and they've solicited many writers -- Charlie Stross, Nalo Hopkinson, David Brin, Elizabeth Bear, Julie Czerneda and Mary Robinette Kowal and me! -- to donate "tuckerizations" in forthcoming works for a charity auction. Tuckerizing is the inclusion of a real person's name in a fictional piece (previous tuckerizations from charity auctions in my novels include General Graeme Sutherland in Little Brother, Suzanne Church in Makers, and Connor Prikkel in the forthcoming For the Win; my god-daughter Ada has also been tuckerized in my story "I, Robot" and in Makers).

TAFF is also auctioning off a first edition of "Nineteen Eighty-Four" (!), and John Hersey's "Hiroshima."

It's a great cause, and great prizes that make killer gifts (how cool would it be for a kid to grow up with her name on a character in a wonderful novel?)

TAFF updatery! (Thanks, Frank!)


  1. remember to tip your author well.

    ” … and then, out of the blackness staggered the most hideous thing I ever saw, with features like a foam rubber rhinocerous melted in a fire. The stench was apalling, overwhelming, corpse-like. His name was George Peter McClough . I vomited … ”

    [excerpt from upcoming novel]

  2. So, the purpose of this charity is to send one fan a year to an SF convention overseas? I mean, good for them and I probably wouldn’t turn down the chance if given it, but you know, recession and so forth.

  3. Hi, we are having an auction at our library and a local author is allowing us to auction off the chance to have a bidder’s name in his next book. We are trying to determine a value for this. Can you tell me how much bidders have paid for “tuckerizations” at your November auction?

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