Mutant teddy bear

Undead Ed's plush Mortimer Mutated Bear is sweet and sickly all at once. I love those eyes!

Mortimer Mutated Bear Plush by *Undead-Art* (via Superpunch)



  1. Actually, this reminds me of Terry Pratchett’s latest book. There was a three-eyed teddy bear that made a prominent appearance at one point. Great minds think alike, I guess.

  2. I’d feel safer sleeping with this teddy bear guarding me. Compared to Oatmeal, my sisters teddy bear, this one like it could do some serious whip-arse on any of those child eating monsters from underneath the bed.

    1. “I want this bear to guard my other toy animals.”

      You’d trust him to do that? I’d be afraid he’d eat them, or commit horribly plushie buggary on them.

  3. He reminds me of “My Pet Monster” (the original one, not the cutesy revision). Mine sits guarding my office to this day.

  4. The teddy-bear related articles in the “previously” box under the article comprise the best list ever.

  5. It looks kind of like a sketch I did about 15 years ago and called it “Teddy Tarantula.” Mine had more legs.

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