Jasmina Tešanović: Report from anti-Berlusconi demonstration in Rome


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  1. jason123 says:

    hey octopod,

    americans don’t think that italy is a weird cia prosecuting socialist state.

    and who cares?

    isn’t this supposed to be about Berlusconi!!!?

  2. jaytkay says:


    In many other cities of the world, like Berlin or Sydney, people gathered to protest against Berlusconi.

  3. jason123 says:

    not a good start. not a start. more of the same.

    there are protests here in italy all the time. it is the same thing over and over again. everyone whines and complains a little, but in the end no one takes any action and no one makes any changes.

    there will never be any change here as long as the italian “lifestyle” is maintained for the people by those in power.

    now let’s go have a pizza.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Berlusconi is the prime minister, not the president, of Italy.

  5. SamSam says:

    Er, I’m pretty certain that is Rome. I don’t recognize the street, but, having grown up there for the first 20 years of my life, the trees, walls, lampposts and doorways look very Roman to me. Of course, it could be elsewhere in Italy.

    I agree with jason123 that we have had protests like this all the time. If it’s one thing Italians (and other Europeans) are good at is protesting and marching. Heck, students still occupy their schools on a yearly basis in protest for one thing or another — it no longer means anything, given that it happens every year.

    I do object to this line, though: “The people have to stand up in the piazza risking their lives for democracy, so dear to their hearts and temper.” This isn’t some state controlled by the military and secret service. It’s a modern democracy and people don’t generally worry about risking their lives when they protest. Yes, there was that one kid killed ears ago during the G8 protests, but that was hardly an everyday occurrence… (I participated in a few hundred-thousand-person-strong protest the next week in Rome against the Italian police (“assassini”), that was itself aided by perfectly civil police).

  6. Anonymous says:

    You state that Berlusconi has been ruling Italy for the past two decades. Have you forgotten the govenment of Romano Prodi during the 1990s?

  7. enrico says:

    “undermining its brightest democratic traditions with his private and public scandals”


  8. gniobboing says:

    lawl, those guys are dressed as if they were in Saskatoon, it was like 60F in Rome yesterday!

  9. aliosha says:

    “http://www.alexandria-press.com/bio/jasmina_tesanovic.htm” wandered away thinking, so that it gives a 404 error.

  10. octopod says:

    that’s great, it hopefully helps to show americans that italy isn’t the weird cia prosecuting socialst state projected by the media, and ppl can demonstrate freely against whatever they want without being run over by tanks just as with anti-gwb/blair/g20/teabagger/birther/whatever demos elsewhere.

  11. peterbruells says:

    @#1 The first picture doesn’t look at all like Rome. The house to the right as a distinct Middle European look to it. I would even go as far as betting that it’s in North-Western Germany or the Netherlands.

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