Bottled honey shuts down California airport

A hazardous material crew and bomb squad were called to Meadows Field Airport in Bakersfield when sharp eyed TSA spotted jars of honey in a passenger's luggage.

The agents are apparently sharp-nosed, as well. From the news article:

Two Transportation Security Administration officers were also treated and released from the hospital after being exposed to what were described as "fumes" from the bottles.
Honey panic


  1. O.K. the TSA are people too and everyone makes mistakes sometimes, but honey “fumes?!!”

    When is this shit going to stop?

    1. Capissen, you are wonderful.

      That being said, seriously?? I can only hope they were admitted before they figured out it was honey as a safety precaution…

      Guess it’s a good thing my three unlabeled bottles of apple cider I checked in my luggage over Christmas didn’t get noticed.

  2. Bees. BEES. B-E-E-S!!
    The Hive Overmind is finally striking back. THAT’S what we get for trampling all those beautiful flowers without a thought for those busy, busy nectar collectors.

  3. Sweeeeeet!

    Maybe the agents were diabetic, and the “fumes” sent them into some kind of insulin shock (which also makes no sense, but hey– in for a penny, in for a pound.)

  4. They’ll hire just about anyone to work for the TSA won’t they? Do they only hire people who have lived in caves all their lives and have never been to a super market?

    Since common sense doesn’t seem to be a requirement for employment, do they even require literacy? Or are we going have books confiscated because they have “words” in them?

  5. The more the TSA makes the stupid burn, the shorter the agency makes it’s lifespan.

    And really, “fumes”? From honey? *facepalm*

  6. TSA1: Here take a whiff of this. I forget, does cyanide smell like almonds or honey?
    TSA2: OMGweregonnadie!

  7. “Police say they are investigating to determine why the incident happened.”

    Because the TSA employees have the combined intelligence of mayonnaise?

    “They said the owner of the bag has been cooperating.”

    I’d be cooperating too, since I would be in a deep state of stunned, wordless shock.

  8. This happened to my mother a few years ago at O’Hare. She had a gift bottle of sorghum in her checked luggage and TSA flipped out. It was a labeled bottle, still sealed. She offered to open it and taste it. She offered to give it to me so I could just ship it. No dice. They confiscated it, gave her a full search, and barely let her on the plane. The fact that she’s an elderly, conservative, white woman is probably the only thing that saved her.

  9. What isn’t mentioned, is that the TSA employee who originally noticed something suspicious was a bomb sniffing dog.

    Maybe he was just hungry?

  10. So *now* we know what the Honeycomb Cereal mascot “Crazy Craving” was always amped-up on: honey fumes. Kids today are calling it “Sweets,” “Buzz,” and “Clover.” You can buy it at the so-called Honeycomb Hideout on 14th and Ave. B, right?

    It’s always something with these damned kids.

    1. Wait, what happened to the “you can’t bring more than a few ounces of a liquid on a plane” rule? Last I checked, gatorade doesn’t come in “3 ounce” containers and he had 5 of them. Shouldn’t the passenger at least have considered this before getting on a plane with 5 bottles?

      Dumb passenger, check.
      Dumb TSA agents who can’t identify a common household food, check.

      Are all TSA agents trained to assume any container (holding a liquid) larger than 3 ounces is a bomb and must be swabbed?

      1. The story says that the honey was in checked luggage, so no violation of protocols there. The problem seems to be with two different explosives tests that were positive for TNT and TAPT. As for the fumes, they seem to have been generated by the interaction of test chemicals with the honey. One does wonder why inspectors didn’t do a little sniff test before adding whatever nasties they use. One also wonders whether unknown chemicals in the absence of any detonating mechanisms equals “bomb” rather than just “possibly hazardous materials.”

  11. Of course if the honey had been colder it would’ve been legally a solid and therefore not prohibited. Nonetheless the TSA agents were all abuzz with this sting. (sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

  12. “There’s a shark in my backyard pool,
    One kid’s missing, maybe two!
    My daughter is possessed,
    I tried to phone the Exorcist

    but the telephone line was ,,, Dead!

    Doctor tells me it’s all in my mind.
    Recommends three pills; I take nine.
    He must be deaf or he must be blind
    If he can’t see….
    The Killer Bees are after me!

    I’m on a plane to the North Pole.
    A hijacker has turned the plane around.
    He says ‘Rio or Caracas
    Will be buzzing like maracas!
    Who can tell who will greet me when I land?'”

  13. this is the same bunch who warched me unpack my laptop then asked what those cables were for.

    there’s caution and there’s blatant, unrelenting stupidity.

  14. I’m beginning to feel bad for the TSA. That underwear bomb was tiny! Analysts said it would have brought down the airliner. How do you not err on the side of paranoia? And as for the hospitalization, well it’s probably just the company and the emergency response crew covering their asses.

  15. TSA Goon:”Step back from the X-Ray Machine Citizen.”
    Paying Public Traveler:”What’s wrong?”
    TSA Goon:”Danger, Danger, Danger”
    Paying Public Traveler:”Oh these jars are mine, they are gifts.”
    TSA Goon:”What substance is in the containers Citizen?”
    Paying Public Traveler:”Nut ‘n’ Honey”

  16. TSA is our era’s Brownshirts. Or like Alex’s droogs when they are later recruited as police thugs. They are low-education, low-pay grunts who have brilliantly been deputized over regular citizens and given broad powers of detention and search without any civil protections or accountability.

    There’s two types of people working for TSA: people who aren’t qualified for other work, and people who are already crazy-paranoid about all the tayerrists.

    I call them Whiteshirts.

  17. What is this, a scarecrow convention? I’ve never seen so many straw men in my life.

    The honey was in checked luggage. They tested it for explosives, and the test yielded a false positive. The two employees said the COMBINATION of testing chemicals and the substance made them FEEL NAUSEOUS, so they visited the hospital and were released with no treatment. Of course they probably just had an attack of nerves, but that’s a little more excusable.

    Jesus you people are foaming at the mouth. Of course the TSA is a ridiculous fear-mongering security theater agency, but if somebody posted an article accusing them of eating babies, you’d rather grab a pitchfork than follow a link and read a little.

  18. The best part was the quote from the sheriff:

    Why in this day and age would someone take a chance carrying honey in Gatorade bottles?” Youngblood asked. “That itself is an alarm. It’s hard to understand.”

    … We must all ask ourselves that very question. Why would a gardener not produce his own plastic packaging so he could transport honey without suspicion? Seriously, don’t we all have access to 3D fab facilities, public-domain bottle extrusion models and raw materials now?

  19. You know at this point I think someone should bring a whole jar of bees on board. That would create a buzz…

  20. “…sharp eyed TSA spotted jars of honey…”

    “The agents are apparently sharp-nosed, as well.”

    And sharp-brained. As in pinhead.

  21. “Why in this day and age would someone take a chance carrying honey in Gatorade bottles?” Youngblood asked. “That itself is an alarm. It’s hard to understand.”

    Unless you’re a beekeeper or do a lot of shopping at farmers’ markets.

    Transporting honey in Gatorade bottles is not “taking a chance”, it’s a very normal, routine thing. The fact that he finds it “hard to understand” and thinks it should set off “alarms” is pure urban vs. rural BS.

  22. I had a TSA agent take my strawberries I had brought for lunch. It was a 5 hour flight and frankly don’t care for one tiny bag of pretzels for fuel. Anyway, he actually said those look good and took them. When my 4′ 9″ Mother (God bless Mothers) who works for the same airport snatched them back and told him that if he wanted lunch go buy it, I thought I was in for a world of hurt. He looked like someone had slapped him. Another man stepped up and finished processing us. Next time, I bring sardines.

  23. That’s just stupid. Seriously, someone went to the hospital over Honey “fumes”? I didn’t think that honey had much “fumes”. it’s not like it’s paint or something really bad…it’s frigging food!!!!

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