Helvetica tee is type-nerd-bait

Here's a shirt that's bound to infuriate your type-obsessed pals: the word Helvetica, set in Comic Sans.

Helvetica (via Making Light)


    1. Agree with your sentiment — Comic Sans and Papyrus, both crimes against humanity. Now I’m going to go scrub my eyes out with some clean and neutral Vera Sans.

  1. Well I can feel the Peanuts-esque “ARRRG!” building inside, so I guess mission accomplished?

    CAPTCHA Bonus: it was Named Typography <3

  2. Poor execution. The proper way to piss off a type nerd is to write it in Arial, because Comic Sans is too obvious.

    The Arial-set Helvetica T-Shirts have been done before at TypeCon2005. 95% of people didn’t notice it.

  3. Arial would be unrecognizable to at least 99,9% of viewers and thus far more infuriating to those desgners who have, like me, developped a reflex of inspecting the small t, the big R or small a to see if it’s Arial, which nowadays mostly is the case…

    1. From his smile it looks like the guy has just seen his own shirt for the first time in a mirror.

      An obvious t-shirt, but I like it. I say we worry about fixing peoples abhorrent English usage before we worry about typefaces. Can it really be that hard to differentiate between there, their and they’re?

      oscar: v. impressive with the history knowledge!

      I’m sure these guys won’t be impressed.

      1. Indeed, I can’t believe I posted the Greece shirt instead of this treasure. (Actually, it was also from bustedtees, but I can’t find it there.)

        I got it for my brother, and it never fails to cause people come up to him and explain to him how wrong his t-shirt is.

      2. Thanks for the linklove! Ugliest Tattoos is here for all your “hating on bad typography and spelling” needs – :)

  4. Nice. I was also going to state that Papyrus would have been a better choice, but then I realized that Papyrus is so bad, any font-nerd would know immediately that I was messing with them.

    On a similar theme: Busted Tees Greece shirt.

  5. Arial says “There is no way in hell I could ever afford Helvetica, but this is close enough and came free with Windows!”.

    Comic Sans says “What’s Helvetica?”

  6. I doubt that people who use comic sans will understand the joke and if they do, they would not wear this shirt because all they want is to appear friendly.

  7. Rather than Arial, which is just different enough to Helvetica to avoid licensing issues, I’d have the name Helvetica set in Univers. I had to identify loads of different fonts in a previous life; the Letraset catalogue was a crucial resource. Univers is really identifiable by lowercase ‘y’ and ‘1’ so is perfect for this.
    Now, where can I get a one-off teeshirt done…

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