Bob Basset's latest steampunk mask


9 Responses to “Bob Basset's latest steampunk mask”

  1. skeletoncityrepeater says:

    I’m pretty sure all ‘steampunk’ objects are fetishist, although not necessarily sexual in nature. Man, sometimes these featured steampunk pieces seem like something maybe anyone could do at home with enough care, but this guy is quite an artist.

  2. tem dmindu says:

    Ooo! Ooo! I get to say it!

    “Are you my mummy?”

  3. flipcloud says:

    scorpius, steampunk edition

  4. Robbo says:

    Ooooh! He’s gettin’ a little Geiger with these, ain’t he?

  5. Boaz says:

    Creepy but beautiful and so inspiring at the same time…. he should have a line of leather accessories with these details, like a messenger bag, a belt, a pendent….they should be cool.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I thought Bob Basset was an artist collective as opposed to an individual? Cool mask though, this one might be the best yet.

  7. Proxy Toaster says:

    If this guy hasn’t already been hired by a movie effects house, there is something wrong with this lame Erf.

  8. Zergonapal says:

    Its a nice fetishist mask. It wouldn’t look out of place at a Bondage club with a Steampunk theme.

  9. Chupacabara says:

    David Lynch probably wants to re-shoot Dune right now just so he can add these to the Fremen Stillsuits.

    Too DAMN Cool!

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