Nails look like they were cut with pinking shears


Funny manicure.


  1. Look close, and you can see where the glue on one nail keeps it from splitting all the way up the quick.

    1. omg are those real? They look lilke halloween nails. I wouldn’t like those nails but wow omg.

  2. It looks to me like they would feel like being “clawed” with a thick piece of cellophane. Not much structure to them.

  3. I believe I have seen weavers who cut their nails this way so that they can manipulate multiple threads at the same time.

  4. I remember a Calvin & Hobbes comic where Calvin filed all his nails down to a point. Hobbes more or less said “nice, but they’re not retractable.”

  5. Ow. I predict those will last about three hours, on average, before getting caught on something and splitting.
    Ow, ow, ow ow ow.

  6. Oh, that hurts to look at. They’re going to get caught on stuff and split. It would be a better thing to do with
    acrylic nails that aren’t going to hurt you if they split or break.

  7. i did that once a little over 30 years ago: each “tooth” breaks easily and can indeed split til it hurts.

    1. I was grossed out by this till I read your post, and now I’m all “AWESOME.” Yes indeed, and paint each fingernail a different color.. that would be ALL KINDS of win.

      Too bad I bite my nails too often to pull off such a shenanigan.

  8. As a classical guitarist, I have to work on my nails constantly. Although they are now very strong, I still break them from time to time. This manicure didn’t last even a whole day. They aren’t very thick and the very first time a point snags on something, you have a painful tear.

  9. In my teens I would to file my nails to a single point. Amazing for tickling. And a bit of red polish on the tips is funny.

  10. Ugh – having that image foisted upon our eyes is the visual equivalent of chewing aluminum foil. Thanks!

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