Consollection: videogame systems from history

Consollection is an elegantly-presented page about more than 100 different videogame systems from history in the collection of a gent named Phil Penninger. The site is tied to a German book by the same name, designed by Patrick Molnar Design. (Thanks, Mathias Crawford!)


    1. Just noticed the odyssey2 is there as well, again under another name this time the G7000 the european release of the console according to wikipedia.

      I found a near mint Odyssey at a salvation army. As far as I could tell everything was there in the box, who in their right mind would give something like this away?

  1. What, no Commodore VIC-20/C64/C128/Amiga?

    If the Atari 800XL is on the list (played a good version of Missile Command on this platform, at one time) then the Commodore lineup should be here, as well.

  2. UPDATE: I just found the Amiga CDTV in the list, but seriously – only the most obscure platform in the Commodore lineup makes the cut? Odd.

    1. Well this site is promoting a German book, maybe these are the consoles available to them in the German market? Maybe it was just an oversight, missing several of the more obscure consoles. Despite that, there are consoles there that I’ve never seen/heard of before.

  3. I don’t think it’s meant to be comprehensive. It’s a catalog of an individual’s personal collection.

  4. Sometime around 1983 we traded in our Odyssey for a $100 discount on a C=64. I had spent a bit of time fighting the Odyssey trying to have fun with it. It was a decidedly un-fun console, unless you really liked the Etch-A-Sketch inspired controls.

    My cousins had an Odyssey 2, which was much, much more fun except for the fact that the joysticks failed on a regular basis.

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