Get what's yours! Demented, explosion-filled ad for injury lawyer

Pittsburgh is home to Berger and Green, a law firm specializing in injury cases. Its recent television advertisements are tasteful, white-backgrounded affairs. As you can see here, this was not always the case. Larry Green is angry because you have not received all the money the law allows. Ecce YouTube.


  1. I’m convinced that Green can’t speak in anything but that half talking half shouting tone he uses here. It doesn’t matter what’s going on in the background, he always sounds like this.

    1. I disagree. The Edgar Snyder ones are far more tame than this. Even his “slip and fall reenactment” commercials from the 80’s and early 90’s didn’t have explosions in them.

  2. Somebody correct me, but isn’t that the infamous Troma Team ™ ‘exploding car’ that’s appeared in countless Troma films? See the wikipedia entry for Troma Team:

    “Troma is also known for reusing the same props, actors, and scenes over and over again, sometimes to save money. At a certain point, however, this became another hallmark of Troma. Examples include a severed leg, the Penis Monster, and the flipping/exploding car filmed for the movie Sgt. Kabukiman, NYPD, which, though blue, is used in place of any other car that needs to crash and explode.”

  3. These commercials are a hit with my 2 year-old. If these come on, he will stop whatever he is doing and watch the whole thing. My niece was the same way when she was little.

    I think there’s some subliminal messaging in there for kids or something.

  4. Best lawyer commercial ever. Only a nuclear explosion could make this commercial any better. oh, and blood.

  5. Anyway, those are nothing compared to the little kids clamoring for a taste of their Uncle Charley’s sausage.

  6. I saw a persona injury lawyer ad in Atlanta that reminded me of the “Blacksploitation” movies from the 70’s. The whole thing was done to a hip hop soundtrack and featured several apparently healthy people jumping up and down with fist fulls of cash. One satisfied client was shown getting out of an Escalade in front of a nightclub as a throng of attractive women looked on in awe.

    The ad was so terrible that I really thought it may have been a skit on SNL or Mad TV.

  7. We get nothing like this in Canada. Even when we’re watching a US station on cable, Canadian commercials are popped in. The few I’ve seen off cable come from Buffalo and are quite tame in comparison. Thank god for youtube or else I’d miss out on this slice of America.

    When I moved to Southwest Ontario for school I got to see what television was like in Michigan. For this Canadian naif, infomercials for the NRA and what I swear was a thinly veiled white supremacist group were certainly eyeopeners.

  8. I wish I could find a Kevin Kurgis (Cols, OH) commercial on YouTube, but apparently he’s not cool with that and they’ve all been removed for legal reasons. He is SO MUCH crazier and ANGRIER than this guy, plus he’s in motion for the whole commercial, striding furiously through his office hallways and pointing at the camera. “I’m Kevin Kurgis, and I don’t get paid until YOU get paid!”
    He’s a local hero.

    1. Oh lord, Kevin Kurgis is awesome. His most memorable print ad for me was a huge picture of his face, affixing all with a stern expression and a pointed finger, and the quote “GET WHAT YOU DESERVE.” My immediate reaction was that he was about to break my legs and stuff me in a garbage compactor.

  9. If the lawyer had had that MonsterTruck / WWF / beef jerky announcer’s low, raspy tone, the ad would’ve been so, so much more *AWESOME!!1!*

  10. Ahh, one from my home town. I highly doubt the genius here is intentional (which is what makes it funny), but I suspect I think the fiery nature obliquely taps in to our steel-town history. Pittsburghers like to think of themselves as rough, pugnacious, blue-collar-pride types. Our city was once described as “hell with the lid taken off” — and I think everyone here truly loved that description. Ahh, nevermind… yinz just wouldn’t understand.

  11. As an attorney myself, I think the best lawyer commercial ever was a parody made for a show on the FX channel.

    See for yourself:

  12. In Winnipeg our Fox feed is from Rochester NY. I vividly remember the JIM “THE HAMMER SHAPIRO” ads. So well so I can still recite the number by heard even though he hasn’t been on TV in a while. 1-800-546-7777.

    However The Heavy Hitters win for the catchiest theme song. I was looking for the one where one of the lawyers falls in the sewer in a bad computer animation then falls from the sky and lands beside his partner. Alas Youtube failed me, so this one will have to do. Though it also has bad animation:

  13. My legal ethics professor let me show this video to the class today. We all laughed, then cried a little inside.

  14. I agree with gATO, I want to hear the monster truck show announcer voice too! At least Berger and Green didn’t put in a slide show of the kind of crime scene photos that get posted on 4chan.

  15. I don’t understand. I am a Pittsburgher and the events depicted are pretty commonplace heading down Greentree Hill towards the tunnel. He’s actually toned it down a bit.

  16. What’s amazing to me is how reasonable and well spoken Cynthia Berger is on the one spot I’ve seen her in. Why they would choose to use Larry Green, no matter what his relative legal abilities, over Berger is a complete mystery to me.

    Also, Larry Green might be able to snap Edgar Snyder in half, but for lulz, nothing can beat the “Dog’s a Man’s Best Friend” commercial and it’s puzzling use of computer generated animation.

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