Geared fidget rings

Kinekt's geared fidget rings are really fun-looking jewellery. Designed by Glen Liberman and made from stainless steel, the $165 rings are a sweet bit of ornamental precision machinery.

Kinekt Design (Thanks, Ben!)


  1. As someone whose arm/hand/finger hair is a bit short of Robin Williams’s, my first reaction was simply “Ow.”

  2. Fun stuff! Don’t get caught in the machinery, though.

    I recently found a string of 45 of those buckyball magnets on the ground. They are a perfect fit on my finger as a three-row ring of 15 balls circumference, and provide hours of fun in boring meetings. They don’t rotate, but they do everything else.

    …and free is nicer than $165.

    1. Hey, I lost a string of those magnets a few weeks ago! Maybe it was mine that you found.
      I was wearing them round my wrist.

  3. This looks like fun. But not as cool as the bracelet I once saw that had three strange little rectangular charms and slide around the bracelet. One of the charms had a tiny cabachon set into the middle of it. It was all a bit abstracted, so it took me a minute to realize that the stone represented the siren light on a police car, and that the bracelet was a kinetic chase scene..

    I saw the bracelet at a craft buyer’s show in Philly about eleven(?) years ago. I don’t recall the name of the jeweler who made it, but gee whiz, if you know him or her, let me know. I would love to buy one of those bracelets. I also have a value memory of a slightly abstract ferris wheel in the same display case.

  4. A super-cheap (albeit less cool) alternative for fidgety people is a rosary ring — no more than a couple bucks at the most at Catholic supply stores. I own several for fidgeting purposes, and I’m not even catholic.

  5. I love it. But it would collect soap, lotion and gunk like crazy, so wearing it would be a bit of a chore.

  6. At the prospect of having to wear a wedding ring within the next year, never having worn any jewelry in my life and being outright opposed to every mainstream male wedding ring design I’ve ever seen, this seems incredibly suitable and is at this very moment being forwarded to my fiancee.

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