Steampunk leather mask with a breathing tube beard

Another sweet creation from Ukrainan steampunk leather mask-makers Bob Basset, this one with a cute little breathing-tube beard in the style of the Pharaohs.

Leather mask "F"


  1. Blarg! :(

    I think the thing I hate about most things labeled steampunk is how low quality the art work and etc on it is compared to hardware from the era it is a alternative to…

  2. I agree with #8. Once we’ve seen eight posts about these masks, we’ve kind of seen them all… All this guy has to do is produce yet another mask every month (as he’s been doing) and he gets yet another post on Boing Boing…

    I think this one here is the least pleasing so far, because it just doesn’t make any sense. What exactly is the dildo beard for? It can’t attach to a gas chamber.

  3. OK, I’m trying to play along here, but am I the only one who sees The Gimp every time one of these is posted? And I’m not talking about the Photoshop clone.

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