This unique tool is a flashlight and fireplace simulator in one — and now it's under $40!

TL;DR: Brighten up your date nights or stargazing nights with this flashlight that doubles as a flame simulator.  Typically retailing for $62, it's now available for only $39.99!

A fire is a warm and soothing sight, but it's not always easy, practical, or safe to make one when the mood strikes. With this unique flashlight, however, you can bring a fireplace with you on the go. Your outdoor experiences aren't just about to be better lit — they're also about to get significantly cozier!

This outdoor flashlight offers strong LED lighting as well as a flame simulator to reenact a roaring fireplace scene and a nifty power bank. Usually $62, it's now on sale for only $39.99!

It's easy to operate this lightweight and portable outdoor accessory. The flashlight is offers a straightforward design, providing you with stunning visibility thanks to its ultra-bright LED lighting and COB technology. Bring it on hikes and trips to shine a powerful and even beam, especially when it's dark out.

Aside from offering a great flashlight, this gadget can enhance your camping nights or stargazing dates with its flame/fireplace simulator. You can easily customize the flame settings to create the right mood when you're with friends or someone special. Enjoy the bright, flickering visuals of a fire as you relax — no need to set an actual fire up!

While the coziness and the brightness are the primary attractions of this light source, it's also special because of how it's powered. While you can revamp the battery life with a charger, it's also solar-powered.

The sun can re-energize the flashlight so you can use it all night long (and yes, the battery life can be trusted – it can actually last up to 24 hours!). Not only is that convenient and simple, but it's also sustainable!

Lastly, this flashlight and flame simulator duo features a nifty 2400mAh power bank so you can charge up your devices while lighting the way.

Whether you want a light to navigate the darkness while exploring at night or have a "fireplace" for extra coziness, you need this $39.99 outdoor flashlight and fireplace simulator!

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