Back to the Future DeLorean optical illusion in glorious tape-o-vision 3D

Boing Boing reader Matthew Vajen says, "My cousin Tony Pichotta created a Back to the Future optical illusion of a Dolorean on his basement wall using only painter's tape and elbow grease."

Why, so he has! Video Link.

As an aside: the talented Mr. Pichotta is an ad copywriter looking for a full-time job in Northeastern Ohio. If you are an agency with copy to be written, hook a mutant up.


  1. That was neat. But I think the best part was the little plush of Chairy on the floor behind the doorway.

  2. Oh man, the little tiny Chairry hidden behind the corner made me laugh so hard… and I’m not even high.

  3. IF this is Tony’s basement, then he doesn’t NEED a job. That basement is nicer than my HOUSE.

    1. @scifijazznik seriously … it should have been more of an era of nothing but huey lewis & the news and their imitators!

    2. #9 — you are obviously only familiar with their hits. they really put on a great live show back in the day. those cats can play.

      1. I realize my comment was a bit ambiguous. It was more pointed at today’s popular music. It’s impossible to imagine any popular band putting out an album like Sports today. Yes, they could play and didn’t need ProTools to make an album that had half a dozen hit singles on it that appealed to people across the spectrum.

        I apologize if my comment was perceived as a slight to Huey. It wasn’t meant as one.

  4. Nice forced perspective. Yeah, I’d assume projector, but it’s still a good job. I’d really like to know what it looks like with two eyes, though; that’s the real test of this sort of effect.

    (Regarding the digression: Wasn’t there a Frankie Valli song “Chairy baby, won’t you come out tonight”…?)

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