Interview with David Byrne


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Transcript, please. What you say in ten minutes can be read in two.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic, but any chance there’s a version without compression artifacts?

  3. scruss says:

    and there’s Thomas Dolby’s wee heid in the background.

  4. Blue says:

    And some tea and cake would be nice while I read the transcript or listen to the cleaned-up audio.

    Pop the kettle on. Go on, be a love.

    • bmcraec says:

      Victoria sponge, if you’ve got it – not too dry! Oooh, and a shrubbery, yes, something in a boxwood… It is loose leaf, tea, I hope?

      • dculberson says:

        I’d prefer some scones, raisin, buttered with organic butter only please. Make my tea Earl Grey, lots of cream, a little sugar.

        More seriously, this is awesome and now I have something to look forward to hearing either at lunch time or when I get home.

        Anon1, if you want a transcript, type one out and post it here.

  5. pstarr says:

    goodness i adore him. thank you, david!

  6. Utopiana says:

    Har, har! A very dignified thrashing. Make mine Earl Grey, hot.

    Thank you for the interview, seriously. DB is amazing.

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