RFK Jr declares Trump as "frightened" and "barely coherent"

Anti-vax conspiracy theorist Robert F. Kennedy Jr is worried that Donald Trump's griping may sound unhinged. The Orange Menace is screaming mad that RFKjr appeals to the very base that props Trump up. Kennedy suggests the two hold a good old-fashioned Presidential debate to clear the air, but Sleepy Donald hasn't been seen on the debate stage this election.

"When frightened men take to social media they risk descending into vitriol, which makes them sound unhinged," Kennedy wrote Saturday on X in a post that doubled as a debate challenge. "President Trump's rant against me is a barely coherent barrage of wild and inaccurate claims that should best be resolved in the American tradition of presidential debate."

Both Trump and Democratic incumbent Joe Biden have come to perceive Kennedy as a threat to their prospects in November's presidential election over fears that he could siphon off enough votes to swing the race. But Friday, it was Trump who vented frustration at the specter of Kennedy, arguing in a screed on his Truth Social platform that the independent was dropped into the field to aid Biden's chances of re-election and that his choice to select tech lawyer Nicole Shanahan as his running mate was unserious.

"RFK Jr is a Democrat 'Plant,'" Trump wrote. "A Vote for Junior' would essentially be a WASTED PROTEST VOTE, that could swing either way, but would only swing against Democrats if Republicans knew the true story about him."


The more time these two spend on each other, the clearer it becomes that while the folks funding RFK Jr want him to draw votes away from President Biden, his foundation of anti-vax conspiracy theories will only win him the Q-adjacent.