Thankful Oscars: video remix of past winners thanking people, agents, moms, and God

Filmmaker Joe Sabia created the awesome little video above, and explains:

oscarsth.jpgIt's been a year since the Oscars photohunt on youtube. In an annual attempt to do something with the Oscars, please enjoy everyone thanked in the history of the Oscars, set to under-appreciated rock star Gioachino Rossini.
Video: Thankful Oscars (YouTube)


  1. Ahh.. The Oscars work and don’t work on so many levels!
    We may like to think we are all jaded, but we still like to watch the stars come out.

    P.S. to Rob: It’s time to send Xeni back to BB Posting school. The link for “Video: Thankful Oscars (YouTube)” points to a little bird singing. ;)

    1. Goddammit, I was saving the singing cockatiel for another post, how’d I screw that up. Link fixed.

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