Wind-up Carl Sagan

Behold Larriva's wind-up tribute to the great Carl Sagan, "It is cast in rock hard, Durham's Water Putty and is hand painted in acrylics. The hair is wool and the metal parts are from a wind-up toy."

It is sold out on etsy, but you can purchase Larriva's Hopgoblin wind-up toy if you wish.


  1. My favorite anecdote about Sagan is how he sued Apple because he didn’t appreciate the Power Macintosh 7100 project being codenamed “Carl Sagan”. Even though Sagan lost the lawsuit, Apple engineers renamed the project anyway. The new codename was “BHA” (for Butt-Head Astronomer).

  2. what a visage. yikes. nothing but love for carl of course. the words “legendary hedonist” have been applied.

    reminds me of the bobo episode of the simpsons, when mr burns goes all krang at the end. hehe. wish that really was carl.

  3. Am I the only one who finds this a little tasteless? I know that BB loves Carl Sagan and that Mark didn’t post this to be inappropriate or dismissive, but a duck body? Seriously?

  4. This artist has had several personalities that they’ve made wind up toys of, including Conan O’Brien, but Dennis Hopper is probably the creepiest. All of the toys have realistically sculpted heads and one of a couple types of wind up bodies.

  5. I won The Music of Cosmos on LP in 1985 at an after-prom. I love that music. I upgraded it to CD a few years ago, still love it.

  6. While I don’t think it’s blasphemous or tasteless, a bobbing Carl Sagan head is not really how I want to remember him. However, if they made a bong with a Carl Sagan head on it that might be a different story . . .

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