Reciting Pi while balancing books and spinning a Rubik's Cube

The aptly named YouTube user Booksonmyhead made a video in which she balances 15 books on her head while reciting Pi to 100 digits and manipulating a Rubik's Cube. This young person has a real future ahead of her -- imagine how effective she'd be in running a local government!

balancing 15 books on my head, reciting pi to the 100th digit, and solving a rubik's cube. (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


  1. um, forgive me but that’s hawt. it’s funny because I just bought a new rubik’s cube two days ago. and I already can recite pi to 100 digits. now I just need to buy a stack of books and I can take her on!

  2. I’m sure those skills are transferable, but for what…. hmmmm. Do they teach math at etiquette school?

  3. An agile mind is the sexiest of all, and she is cute on top of it!! How many hearts will she break?

  4. Show us yer books!

    I’m certain she’s way out of my league, so I’ll just make lewd comments. :p

  5. Yup, women can do/feel/think of many things at the same time like thinking of making love, balance the budget, be sorry for an ailing puppy, feel the fresh spring air on their faces, wiggle their toes… which bring us to thinking of making love. Good girls.

  6. pfft. I have a friend who holds the worlds record for ‘Fastest recitation of Hamlets soliloquy while juggling machetes and balanced on a rola-bola on a picnic table’. Citation available on request.

  7. She’s not just spinning the cube, she takes a solved cube, makes a pattern by moving the center square to another face (ie, all white face with red square in center) and then back to solved. Not as difficult as solving a random cube but still requires some thought.

  8. The books were glued, the numbers were on the wall behind the camera, cube not solved but memorized.

    1. “The books were glued, the numbers were on the wall behind the camera, cube not solved but memorized.”

      And the girl was actually a robot.

      And YouTube is actually Google.

  9. Memorizing 100 digits and a few moves on the Cube is not impressive. The books are, though, unless she’s cheating.

  10. i love this video, but i really wish the books would fall at the end, it would sell the balancing a lot more, right now it could be a setup, but either way, great vid. fake or not for her to even take on these topics in a vid is nerd-worthy

  11. In a not too distant possible future the offspring of this book balancing hotje and cherubic ex-rocker Prof. Brian Cox will find the higgs boson before breakfast and then invent anti-grav jetpacks before supper.

  12. “imagine how effective she’d be in running a local government”… either that or clown school, which is really not too different when you think about it.

  13. Her eyes are focused on the cube not on the wall so unlikely she’s reading the digits off the wall.

    And though she’s merely spinning the cube, the multitasking is impressive nonetheless.

  14. I clicked on comments just to see how long it took for someone to comment on her appearance, seeing as the subject of the post is female.

  15. Que j’aime à faire apprendre un nombre utile aux sages ! Glorieux Youtubeur, artiste, ingénieur, Toi de qui Internet aime encore la gloire, Soit ton nom conservé par de savants blogueurs !

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