THE. HORROR. THE. HORROR. (found on hidekiryuga.tumblr.com via Buzzfeed, thanks Susannah Breslin)


  1. I’d ask for unicorns, but I’d be afraid they’d be spider unicorns, which is arguably more frightening.

  2. Haha .. spider unicorn, my freaky imagination’s telling my how would might look a spider rabbit ..creappy .. like this quite little cat .. :).. cute animals are creappy “spiderish” … :-|

      1. aaahhhhh!!!

        That set my arachnaphobia ablaze even more than the pictures of an actual big creepy spider linked above.

        *shudder* I need a shower now.

        1. Sorry about the creepy spider link, AirPillo. Sometimes I forget that not everyone is a freak like me who kind of likes spiders. ;-)

          1. My fault for clicking the link. I still thought it was neat even if it squicked me.

            I have a love/hate relationship with the things. If I see a really fascinating one I’ll spend some time looking at it and reading about it, even as I start to feel like every little tickle on my skin is a spider crawling on me (phobias really know how to get to you in such terrible ways).

            Sometimes it’s unfortunate being a curious person.

          2. Sometimes it’s unfortunate being a curious person.

            Hehe! Well, that’s the internet for you. It’s both a paradise and a graveyard for curious souls. Maybe that’s why it’s made of cats.

    1. “Also, they’re supposed to have eight eyes.”

      Really? Because it’s half-spider, or because it’s half-cat?

      1. It’s the half-spider part responsible for the eight eyes. At least, in my breeding experiments. To that end, I also agree with Scuba SM @ #12:


  3. Please! Stop with the spider-cat prejudice.
    My aunt had one and it was the sweetest pet ever!

    1. She must have figured out how to breed out the desire to wreak vengeance on the natural world for its unnatural nature. That was always the sticking point.

      And Terry: Because Sleipnir doesn’t have a horn.

        1. Does your aunt do adoptions? There’s this guy named Glen Beck that could really do with some of that ‘nurture’ thing, I think.

          1. She’s kind hearted true, but I’m afraid that that’s one kitten she’d bag and toss in the creek for the good of the breed.

  4. I hereby request that someone photoshop an awesome spiderunicorn.

    The Internet brings all ideas to life with an even higher degree of horror. A flickr search reveals an image more terrifying than anything Photoshop’ed: SpiderGimpUniporn

    Why!? :(

  5. Spider Cat looks just like ArachnaKitty, one of the Chapman Brothers paintings. It’s featured in a Derren Brown “trick”……..

    The painting is shown at around the :30 mark, but I highly recommend everyone watches the rest of the segment……It’s Too Cool…..

  6. Problem here, with the ‘cat ‘n’ the ‘corn; necks.

    You see, if you have all those eyes, you don’t need no neck. No, wait, that’s not it. If you have a neck, you don’t need all those eyes. Spiders got lotsa eyes. Spiders got lotsa legs. Spiders got no neck. Instead they got fused body segments, a cephalothorax. PhotoShop THAT my pretties. PhotoShop a kitty and a unicorn and Toby McGuire with no freakin’ neck, with their heads fused to their chests.

    Oh yes, and then we’ll have some nightmares worth having.

  7. I have to admit that I find spidercat disturbingly cute… must be because it’s still small and fluffy. Or because I need some serious mental help.

    1. From what I gather, the newer models usually have the fur trimmed and a tattoo just above the tail.

    2. Your comment made me snort beer out of my nose.

      …which is pretty good considering Spider-cat made me snort poo out of my rear.

  8. Spider cat, spider cat, does whatever a spider cat does, can he swing from a web? No he can’t, he’s a… wait… wtf is he?

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