Tron remixed trailer and titles

With Tron: Legacy due out later this year (MCP, help us), a revival of the classic Tron from 1982 is underway, with a few truefans translating their passion into fun videos. At top, Hexagonall's "Tron vs. Saul Bass" title sequence. Below that, a new Tron (1982) trailer. Its creator, DrewboiX, writes, "Wanted to make a exciting trailer with a modern feel as oppose to its original marketing in the 80s." (via Underwire)


    1. True. but I suppose it is not about making a trailer that would have been acceptable on first release, but one with a modern feel that people who have seen the film can appreciate. Kind of like there is no order in which you can watch all 6 starwars films and be surprised at the endings in films 3 and 6.

  1. That ‘modern’ version perfectly manages to pictures all the clichés of today’s trailers


    “That annoying trend”

    “To cut”

    “The trailer”

    “Every 5 seconds”

    “With tiny bits”

    “Of a long sentence”

    (and ending with a crescendo of explosions, people screaming, to finally reveal the logo on a droning sound)

  2. Watch the 1982 Tron then immediately watch both Tron: Legacy trailers. You can’t say you’re not excited for the new one, regardless how good it will actually be.

  3. I re-watched Tron about a year ago. It’s still a masterpiece. High concept visuals never seem dated.

    1. I recently re-watched the original Tron too. I had seen it as a kid, but didn’t fully appreciate it at the time. Coming back to it after taking a detour through computer graphics and special effects gave me a new appreciation for it, and made me realize just how ahead of its time it was.

  4. Wow bob wow! That remixed trailer makes me want to have a cyber-martini down by the virtual pool, darling.

  5. It’d be nice to have more Wendy Carlos music for this new “Tron,” but Daft Punk will do.

  6. DrewboiX captures the modern technique perfectly. It would have been helpful had you posted the original trailer, but then we all know that not even all the world governments are immune to the Disney Litigation Department. Which means that DrewboiX better watch his back.

    As for the first work, early James Bond does not mix well with Tron, first name Elec. But it was a smarter effort, considering how Disney operates.

  7. Enjoyed the “new” trailer, which does a brilliant job of showing you all the good bits out of context whilst still keeping enough surprises hidden.

    But I must confess that I loved that first one. Somehow it just works for me. But then again, that style, if done well, can work for almost anything, so why not Tron?

    Anyway, I’m really looking forward to the new one – as I’m one of the original Tron/Star Wars generation. Then again I quite enjoyed The Phantom Menace, so clearly I have no critical faculties whatsoever.

    1. Here’s a YouTube video of the Vestron flying logo. Very early 80s.

      WRT the Tron trailers, the first one appeals to me, but all cocktail-themed trailers appeal to me more than all overwrought action-flick trailers.

      1. Cool :D I’m pretty sure that version of the Vestron Logo was my work, which would actually put it mid to late 80s.

    1. I hate to admit it, but I would be helpless to resist a remake of the Black Hole. Just your mention of it filled me with excitement. I would be a kid again and terrified of Maximilian.

  8. I don’t get a james bond vibe of the first vid, I find that it is veeeeery Irwin Allen though.

    just google ‘land of the giants’ or ‘Time Tunnel’ may you have better luck than me in finding the credits.

  9. @1 – That’s the problem with most modern trailers. In the attempt to sell a movie, they give away WAY too much of the plot/key scenes/jokes.

    1. Maybe that’s why I don’t feel the need to actually go see the majority of movies these days: all the best stuff is condensed into the trailer, and the rest is just filler.

  10. james bond style? does not compute! and echoing another BB comment, the new trailer gives away half the frickin’ movie! considering how nostalgic people are of the 80s, i’d say the original trailer would do fine in the theatre

  11. Saul Bass may be remembered best for cocktail-room themed titles (like maybe the title sequence for the original Ocean’s Eleven – actually I can’t recall any others of his that are like that; maybe his style as copied by countless others is what’s remembered) but the thing about him was that his titles matched perfectly with the film.

    The title sequences he did for the Hitchcock films Vertigo and North by Northwest, for example, are not anything like the cocktail-room themed Tron thing above, because those movies are not cocktail-room movies, just like how Tron isn’t a cocktail-room movie.

    I seem to only bother to write comments here on boingboing when I have something negative to say, but I can’t help it… nothing about that title says Saul Bass to me, or even good design in general (it’s way too fast for one thing, like the Star Wars vs. Saul Bass one too – 1960’s title sequences lasted several minutes in many cases and that’s important for the design to work).

    And most of all, it doesn’t say Tron to me at all! I’m all for mash-ups, remixes, and the like, but if you’re taking inspiration from earlier stuff, you need to understand what is good about that earlier stuff. You can’t base your new work on a superficial understanding of the thing you’re basing it on. Saul Bass surely would have created an amazing title sequence for Tron, which would have looked nothing like this.

  12. Someone asked me (somewhat unkindly) whether I could ever bear, knowing that I could just as easily have made equally accomplished graphics on my Mac, whether I could watch ‘Tron’ again.

    I replied that I cherished Tron for being made on a very rare and special computer!

    (The Foonly!)

  13. Personally, I’m waiting for the Aardman claymation version of ‘Tron’ where Wallace and Gromit battle a giant paperclip.

  14. If you reckon that second trailer gives away a lot of the movie, check out this one.

    It’s basically the thumbnail version of the whole plot.

  15. I would also recommend adding Tron:Reboot to your morning dose of awesomeness. Short, funny, and full of win. So full of win that whenever it gets jostled, win spills over the side, leaving win-rings on the coffee table. Or something.

  16. John frakking Sheridan. What else do you want? (Other than Peter Jurasik, which doesn’t seem to be happening.)

  17. I watched Tron for the first time not too long ago, and I was underwhelmed. I found it nowhere near as good as all the hype I’d been hearing all of my life made it out to be.

    So it really speaks to the quality of that second trailer when I say it made me want to see Tron again.

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