White robber wore lifelike black mask


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  1. octopussoup says:

    I don’t get why he needed to robs stores when he could buy this 600 dollar mask. Unless he used a credit card and had to rob to pay it back.

    I would have went for the old man mask myself.

  2. boingboingdave says:

    @octopussoup – he was robbing banks, not stores. large difference in the amount of money one stands to gain.

  3. KremlinLaptop says:

    Huh, that’s pretty smart. I wonder how many other robberies that have gone with the criminal getting away have involved prosthetics (is that the right word? I don’t think it’s the right word…) like this that have been convincing enough.

    I mean all you’d need is one disgruntled enough Hollywood guy who does these masks and suddenly you’ve got lots of faces.

  4. palindrome says:

    Indeed, I thought at first: hey, there’s the zombie, and the evil clown. Nosferatu, check, Vampire, etc. They’re all there. Black guy, check. What?

    But then I saw that they have old guy, thug, “Sarge”, and inbred (hillbilly?). Oh and old lady. So all the monsters are accounted for. Except bankers. Maybe Nosferatu would work for that (not in an anti-semitic way).

  5. Bucket says:

    All units, all units, be on the lookout for a suspect wearing a prosthetic forehead on his real head. Approach with caution.

  6. Christovir says:

    Pretty realistic: http://www.spfxmasks.com/playermedia/player2large.gif

    My favorite quote from the maker’s website is “Matching african-american hands (sold seperately)”

  7. greengestalt says:

    Perhaps this is a bit old, but why not just wear a Nixon mask?

    Then, as he leaves the bank, proclaim “I am NOT a CROOK!”

    • Stooge says:

      greengestalt, because he’d be immediately subject to a DMCA takedown notice for violating the copyright on Point Break.

  8. johnhazard says:

    Waitaminnit- their masks are Nosferatu, Zombies, monsters, Lucifer, the Clown, the Inbred- and a black guy?

  9. Brainspore says:

    He would have got away with it, too… if it hadn’t been for those meddling kids!

  10. Donald Petersen says:

    Well, it was only a matter of time. The thing that was hardest for me to buy about the old Mission: Impossible (or even Scooby Doo) was how everyone seemed to fall for a rubber-masked villain. Now, 40 years later, you’d think this would have happened hundreds of times… enough, anyway, for someone to have been caught trying it before now.

  11. fluentinsilence says:

    That’s actually quite clever.

  12. ncm says:

    What makes that an “African-American” mask, as opposed to an “African” mask? Do Africans really look different from African-Americans?

    • The Chemist says:

      The science backs this up: As someone from the Middle East I probably am closer genetically to most “Africans” than most African-Americans despite my lighter skin tone. How does the difference between African-Americans and “Africans” (whatever the fuck that happens to mean.) manifest physically? Well, it’s questionable, since people from certain Pacific Islands and Australia can look “African”. So why not, in the case of “African-American” use continent of origin? Well, because White people come from Africa too. The distinction is completely arbitrary no matter how you cut it. So you may as well cut it anywhere, no? Race is a social construct.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, yes. African Americans and Africans look nothing alike. Quite a lot of African-Americans in the 60′s and 70′s “went back”, discovered just how out of place they were in Africa, and wrote extensively on the experience.

      My personal favorite is a short little poem, They Clapped, by Nikki Giovanni. http://www.poetryfoundation.org/archive/poem.html?id=177838

      • MrsBug says:

        Wow, that’s a powerful and fascinating poem. Thanks for linking it.

        It must have been a paradigm shift for black Americans to identify with Africa for so long and once there, realize they weren’t really Africans, but Americans.

    • Christovir says:

      What makes that an “African-American” mask, as opposed to an “African” mask? Do Africans really look different from African-Americans?

      A fair point, but the group we call “African Americans” is ethnically distinct from Africans. “African American” usually means someone of Bantu (West African) origin mixed with more than a little European origin. The old canard about America being a melting pot is certainly true of our genes. Africa itself also has many ethnic groups that are not typically represented by African Americans, such as the Khoisan, Pygmies, and Berber.

      • davidasposted says:

        “African American” usually means someone of Bantu (West African) origin mixed with more than a little European origin.

        This is simply not true. See for example the saga of Oprah Winfrey’s DNA testing.

        • Christovir says:

          According to the PBS show you cite, Oprah’s ancestry is mostly from West Africa, with 11% non-African ancestry, which was kind of my point.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you go to the site, you’ll notice each mask has a personality to match. “The Player” is a stockbroker on Wall Street – apparently.

  13. Anonymous says:

    some black guys gotta get a sarge/thug mask & start robbin’ banks to balance this out..

  14. BadIdeaSociety says:

    I was going to by that mask myself but didn’t because I needed a British man of African descent mask and not an African-American mask.

    I feel bad that the criminal tried to ruin The Player’s reputation as an upstanding “Stockbroker on Wall Street and entrepreneur.”

  15. Goofball Jones says:

    I like their site…expensive masks, but they look really well done.

    Maybe next time he should try the Lucifer mask!

  16. bazzargh says:

    that pic on the right looks like the photofit bloke wanted for the jewellery store robbery in NYC featured here before


    (just because of the glasses really) he’s still on the most wanted list… you have to wonder if even the little you could see in that picture was a disguise

  17. Tensegrity says:

    They ought to make Middle Class White Guy for black people to wear while driving through the burbs

  18. Fred H says:

    I can’t imagine the dangerous lack of peripheral vision in robbing a bank with A) a hood, B) a mask C)with sunglasses on it. Brave, or stupid.

  19. bobk says:

    I recall reading about a bank robber who dressed in drag but was caught right away before he could change.
    /shouldn’t have dragged it out? was caught in a dragnet?

  20. blacksquare says:

    What does it say about race in America that the “African American” mask is the only one on the website that comes with matching hands? Weird.

    • glaborous immolate says:

      What does it say about race in america?

      Not much.

      If you’re black, and want the black mask, you don’t need matching hands. If you’re white, you don’t need matching hands so much for any of the other masks.

      And since blacks are not the majority of the population in the USA, most of his clients will not need matching hands for any of the other masks. So it seems like a simple business decision, not structural racism.

      Also, note that there is a bada$$ white guy non-monster (?) mask, The Sarge.

  21. PapayaSF says:

    So the guy is clever enough to use a convincing mask, but dumb enough to open a dyepack-rigged bag in his car?

  22. Anonymous says:


    i have a line for all ya all… (yeah, i said it that way, makes my point)

    the line is: “i am an F.B.I. agent”

    any takers?

    rubber masks? president already mentioned… the movie is “Point Break”


  23. Anonymous says:

    I like how Zdzierak is a Polish name that means “someone who rips off”. Both “rips off paint” and “rips off people” senses.

  24. stumo says:

    I’m not sure that it says that much. Especially since it’s not true – they’re also available for “sarge”, and if you go to the shopping cart, also for “elder, zombie and inbred”.

    Very cool mask though.

  25. Halloween Jack says:

    So, he spends hundreds of dollars on a mask, but doesn’t know about dye packs? Smooth move, John Dillinger.

  26. Anonymous says:

    A couple of years ago I worked with a man of Asian descent (a korean adoptee)who joked around that the perfect hold up disguise would be to disguise your ethnicity. Two months after he was fired for returned merchandise fraud, he gets arrested for holding up a McDonalds with pink make-up on: http://www.redorbit.com/news/science/433177/mcdonalds_robber_gets_four_years/index.html

  27. ZippySpincycle says:

    According to the product description, the mask’s creator “has upped the anty in the world of realistic silicone masks.”

    That sounds painful.

  28. StrangeInterlude says:

    Troubling racial issues aside, those masks are creepy, like what the early infiltration-unit Terminators would wear before getting upgraded to Arnold-skin.

  29. Anonymous says:

    This would be 21st century minstrelcy.

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