Bieb Flag: t-shirt


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  1. publanski says:

    Hilariously punk.

    • Anonymous says:

      like avril is punk, natch.

      • publanski says:

        No, like Johnny Rotten scrawling “I Hate” on his Pink Floyd shirt – messing with icons in a humorous way. Black Flag has become an icon and thier logo iconic. Putting Biebers name there is “punk” because it upsets all these old punks, who are just as boring as old hippies. “Oh, no, how could you defile Black Flag with such a Disney product like Bieber? Bieber isn’t a punk!!” Waahh. Waaah.

        Justin Bieber (and avril lavigne) aren’t punk. But this shirt is. Hilariously so.

  2. Hellosluggo says: rocks a coupla different version of this mash.

  3. TuesdayWeld says:

    Whoever came up with this is going to hell.

  4. cecilhayduke says:

    Henry Rollins ≠ Black Flag. OK, so this probably makes me the crankiest old fart in this thread, but for Southern Californians of a certain age (me) this is an irritant. They were quite good (and notorious) long before the Rollins iterations.

    Also, regarding seeing anyone do *that* on a stage– I never saw them do anything except for aggressively playing a lot of songs really fast, albeit with a bunch of ranting after Henry joined.

  5. IronEdithKidd says:

    This is reminding me of that terrible cover of “Boys of Summer” where the line “Dead head sticker on a Cadillac” is replaced with “Black Flag sticker on a Cadillac”. It completely misses the point of the original lyric and, in fact, I would expect to see a Black Flag sticker on a Cadillac. Especially a honkin’ big Caddy from the late 70′s or early 80′s.

    Justin Bieber is Shawn Cassidy for a different generation.

  6. Donald Petersen says:

    No overlap there whatsoever. The kids won’t get it. The geezers won’t get it. Maybe some early millennials…?

    Man, I haven’t felt so geezerly in ages.

  7. mgfarrelly says:


    Now give me a shirt with “Bieber” in the same font as “The Cramps” and I’m sold.

  8. Blaine says:

    I always feared growing old. I’m now at a point where I have no idea who Justin Bieber is (I mean, I’ve seen him on SNL and I’m aware he’s a singer but that’s it… the vaguest idea rather than no idea); and I’m totally happy with it!

  9. Anonymous says:

    “Justin Bieber is punk as fuck.”

    If you think that then you have a pretty lousy definition of punk. Lux Interior was punk as fuck. GG Allen was punk as fuck. Justin Bieber is not punk. Not at all.

  10. mamarox says:

    My daughter has noted several times that whenever she wears either her Black Flag or Henry Rollins t-shirts at school (middle school), there are no Bieber shirts to be seen. Events have conspired to make it impossible for her to wear either of those shirts on days she has ended up sighting the JB shirts. She believes that Bieber/BF shirts can not exist in the same universe.

    This shirt is going to blow her mind.

  11. Chocodile says:

    What the fuck is this shit? I’m not too sure what a Justin Bieber is, but my gut feeling is that they do not pair.

  12. SB-129 says:

    I’ve heard this adolescent pretty-boy vocoder-enhanced little shitbag and he is the embodiment of all that is wrong with the music industry.

    • ian71 says:

      I want to find out who first confused vocoders with pitch correctors like AutoTune and yell at them. They Are Not The Same Thing. Stop that.

  13. Anonymous says:

    i get it id just never dare associate justin bieber and black flag… or any good band and hey I’m 15 and still know black flag so theres a few kids who still are into good music

  14. danwarning says:

    Forgive my ignorance, but how does this Justin Bieber “embrace DIY?”

    Can someone kindly explain this to me?

    • Jardine says:

      As I understand it, Bieber became famous by posting videos of himself singing on youtube. Of course, rather than staying independent, he signed with a big label.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Awesome. Try this one too:

  16. Anonymous says:

    sorry, first thing thru my head on this was “huh?”

  17. Anonymous says:

    man, you commenters are humorless!

  18. The Lizardman says:

    I can’t help but think that this is a ploy to get Bieber fans beaten within an inch of their lives

  19. bat21 says:

    That is all kinds of wrong.

  20. lewis stoole says:

    if only it came in a morrissey cardigan

  21. Anonymous says:

    17 year old here, and I have to admit: I don’t know who either of these people are.
    It makes me nervous.

  22. idontwant2liveinoprahsworld says:

    ug, it may be a “joke” but it reminds me of tony hawk ripping off the Clash:

    My gut reaction to this is very negative.

  23. nixiebunny says:

    I’m not sure if Bieber could elicit the reaction that our local newspaper’s music critic had when Black Flag played in 1982: “I’ve never seen anybody do *that* on stage before.”

  24. Jasper says:

    I would definitely wear that. In fact, I may.

  25. Anonymous says:

    As a fan of black flag and some one who is maybe not as old as the rest of you’s, not sure how i feel about this. On one hand i think it’s funny in the same sense as a montage of explosions, godzilla fucking shit up, and cartoon people’s heads getting chopped off while Lesley Gore’s “Sunshine Lollipops” is playing, on the other hand it is sacrilegious garbage; then on the third hand (hahhahaha) the black flag logo has been used before most recently by a bmx blog advocating the use of four pegs to grind shit as seen here:

    Side note, I think anyone who actually listens to this beiber kid will have no understanding of this shirt at all.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Justin Bieber is punk as fuck. I love it.

  27. DamnitDani says:

    I hate him I hate him I hate him the whole worrrrllllldddddddd.

  28. Anonymous says:

    this is funny. gut-reaction funny. not a think piece.

  29. Anonymous says:

    As a Black Flag fan. Seriously? Just Bieber and Flag have both cause riots you’re going to associate them? Whoever made this shirt needs to seriously rethink this.
    It might be “funny” to you but we’re going to have a million 12 year olds run around in this not knowing anything about Black Flag?
    The only shirt that would work for this is the Beach Boys/Black flag shirt, because its RELEVANT. This has no relevancy whatsoever, it’s just a lame joke.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Has Mr Rollins seen this?
    I would love to see Henry meet him and squish him.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Now THAT is offensive.

  32. Waterlilygirl says:

    Isn’t there some sort of copyright infringement here?

    I saw this post and threw up a little. I know I’m becoming an old fart but this is wrong on so many levels. And is it just me or is Bieber so going to have Donald Trump’s hair in 30 years?

  33. Anonymous says:

    Here’s my contribution to the black flag mashups.

  34. armahillo says:

    There can be only one.

    Let’s let Henry Rollins and J Biebz duke it out, man to man.

    That said — if Biebz started embracing the likeness of G.G. Allin, or really ANYTHING that would make him unsuitable for the Disney channel, I would be more apt to check him out.

    • Blaine says:

      Aww… that’s not cool. Rollins is how old now? Bieber is a young guy. I mean, if he challenges him to a fight Henry would probably decline and Justin’s fame would grow and grow and grow!!

      tee hee… I know Justin Bieber wouldn’t be reading this, but a man can dream. The funniest thing ever might be calling out Henry Rollins.

  35. Anonymous says:

    That’s all kinds of wrong right there!

  36. Anonymous says:

    This would be perfect to give as a gift to a tween relative. They wouldn’t get it but somewhere, someone will see it and laugh.

  37. verbalnormal says:

    Introducing from last Xmas’s gift hit list:

    • Anonymous says:

      See now that is clever, and makes since. This Bieber one just does not “work” on any level of the humor scale or musical scale.

  38. Anonymous says:

    What’s funny is how the MSM keeps calling Bieber’s fans ‘teenagers’ when it’s really the tween+ set (mostly 10, maybe a few 13,14) but by the time a teenager is his age (16) they wouldn’t be caught dead listening to him.

    He’s just a solo, manufactured boy band who showed some talent on youtube before being sucked into the music industry machine.

    For the same story 30 years ago, there’s the Runaways movie based on “Neon Angel” — their sleazy manager did an interview linked from here a few weeks ago. (Kim Fowley)

    • Donald Petersen says:

      Those am betterer by far. I had me a good chuckle, but wouldn’t be caught dead in one o’ those shirts. Partly because I like to fart when I find an auteurist in my elevator, but mostly because I don’t mind feeling like a 12-year-old Hessian when I wear a Maiden or Van Halen t-shirt. To feel like a 12-year-old *and* a film snob simultaneously would be more than my psychic infrastructure could bear.

  39. Baldhead says:

    even irony cannot excuse this

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