Video: Exploding cupcakes!

Here's a wonderful slow motion video of cupcakes flying out of a 120psi cupcake cannon and into people's faces.

via Gizmodo


  1. It would be nice if instead of a minute and a half of terrible editing I got to see some people get hit with cupcakes.

  2. it would be nice if it was preceded by three-and-a half minutes of Rube Goldberg-ian bakery madness synced to a better tune.

  3. I came here to say exactly what NoahApples said. That video gave me a serious case of cupcake blueballs.

  4. Great looking footage, but I have to agree with the above comments. Terrible decisions were made in the editing.

  5. Boy thanks for that very disappointing video. Either the gun operator was a terrible aim or the vid director lost sight of the whole point. Who gives a crap about seeing people in slow motion with nothing happening to them when there is A GUN THAT SHOOTS CUP CAKES IN THE SAME ROOM YOU DUMB ASSES.

  6. Wow, 1.5 horribly edited minutes of hipsters making faces. Wait, there’s supposed to be cupcakes too?

    Nothing that shows anything of real interest, as others have eluded to.

    nthr lcklstr Ls pstng….

  7. Here’s some of the actual footage of people being hit… as well as some info on the cannon itself.

    I was also disappointed with the editing in the clip featured in the post. You’ll like this more once you get through the promo stuff :)

  8. The handy thing about shooting food products at hipsters is that they usually carry kitschy eye wear at all times anyway.

  9. The good: Dalek-lookin’ steampunky cupcake cannon, people having fun with flying desserts.

    The bad: As noted above… not nearly enough impact footage.

  10. A Steam punk cupcake gun is a really cool idea. And even after being let down by this crappy video, I took a minute to follow the you tube link in hopes of some more promising footage. I can’t believe how much time, effort and resources these people put into this crap. A dozen T shirts, screen printed vinyl curtains, a nation-wide tour…its just a cupcake gun, not really worth touring the country.

    But check this out. Modify the cupcake gun to shoot baloney sandwiches instead, tour the country and make slow motion videos blasting baloney sandwiches into the gaping mouths of homeless people! And then you and your entourage can pass out high fives! Don’t worry, you can still have your own logo and line of t-shirts saying how awesome you are! Totally epic!!!

  11. To all you idiots who posted negative comments… Please. They didn’t make this video in hopes that it would dazzle you internet nerds. It’s funny how you all suggest something else too. But it wont be done. Why? Because you’ll just sit at the computer, like always, and maybe dis on someone who is actually doing something.

  12. Why you idiots gotta dis, with all your negativity? You’re all like, “this sucks”, and “this video editing is terrible”. But you know what, your a bunch of nerds and won’t do anything! Yeah. I said it. You’ll never dedicate your life to selling t-shirts and plastic cupcakes to promote t-shirts. It’s clothes, bitches! No one is here to impress you, or dazzle you with good video editing. And you know what else, its so hilarious you never do nuthin. You’re never gonna make a boloney shooting gun! You just sit behind your computer like you always do and disrespect. So, like, you nerds gotta like, show mad props!

  13. Yes, those of you who have complained are entirely right to do so: you paid good money to watch that video, and you deserve what you paid for! What’s that you say, it was free? Very well, then the bastards who held you down and forced your eyes open and made you watch it should pay for their crimes! Wait, what? You mean you watched it of your own volition? Oh.

    As for me, I enjoyed it: several of the gentleman were pleasing to look at. That doesn’t mean I’m into sploshing, though…

  14. It’s not true there’s no money shot. There is a single one, right at the end, when buddy gets beaned by a blue one. But it did seem oddly edited to remove nearly all impacts. Perhaps they were worried about a lawsuit from the cupcake anti-defamation league? Or perhaps they know what we want and they’re holding out on us.

  15. OMG. I SO want one, one a rotating turret and a belt feed.(bakery belt feed? oh kool.)

    Major props for the steam punk design ethic too, you goth cake slammer you.

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