Guestblogger Craig to BoingBoing readers: So long, and thanks! It's been awesome.

BoingBoingFish.jpg I'm wrapping up my two-week stint here as a guestblogger and just wanted to extend my thanks to all the readers of BoingBoing who checked out my posts and weighed in with their opinions. I had a great time and it was a great discussion. I learned a lot and hopefully I gave you some insight into how the business works, even if it's just to help you figure out how to change the system. Thanks also to Cory, Xeni, Rob and the rest of the BB crew for having me. If you have more questions or comments, feel free to come chat with me on Twitter. I'm there every day at @syfy. Craig


  1. It’s been really interesting and enlightening. Hope you can find ways to address some of the problems up there. Y’know, finding out a way to avoid silly name changes and pro wrestling, at least, if not entire brand new business models for television. ;)

    Looking forward to seeing what SciFi is gonna be like in the next 10 years, Craig!

  2. Dammit, why did they cancel the Craig Engler series? Those clueless suits at BoingBoing didn’t even give it a chance!

  3. Thanks for your time. Thanks to your articles, I feel like I have a much better understanding of some of the strange moves that the entertainment industry in general and the television industry in specific make on a regular basis.

  4. i didn’t agree with a single thing you mentioned, sir, but i thank you for your time. it was definitely informative reading, and it generated some really passionate discussion. come back again!

  5. Thanks for the posts, Craig. Normally I have no respect people like yourself who are working in a horrid industry that is destroying the world (I’m not a TV fan, as you can tell), but you seem to be a different breed. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas and I hope you can find work in a respectable industry one day :)

      1. “Live long and prosper” is from a TV show? I thought Vulcans said that!

        (Or maybe it was Ayn Rand;)…

  6. At least you can come away with a concensus from a bunch of geeks of what has no place in the science fiction pantheon: wrestling and ghost “reality” shows.

    Come back any time. It’s nice that you directly addressed some of the comments. It’s appreciated, even if we don’t agree with you.

    1. “At least you can come away with a concensus from a bunch of geeks of what has no place in the science fiction pantheon: wrestling and ghost “reality” shows.”

      I don’t generally watch wrestling, but I can watch episodes of it without wanting to tear my face off, as I do with any watered down “history” documentaries, or terrible science “reality tv” shows.

  7. Thanks Craig, I really enjoyed the articles. Hope it’s not too long till your back!

  8. After reading all this, I still didn’t understand why SGU ditched all fans of the old intellectual SG series. To a smaller niche of melodrama space soap opera lovers. :-/

  9. Thanks, Craig. Your posts were really insightful and a lot of fun.

    About the wrestling – try having the wrestlers wear rubber monster suits and fill the ring with minature buildings. It’s crazy, but it just might work.

  10. Thanks for stopping in! Your posts were interesting – it was cool to see some of the thought that goes into these decisions. Whether I agree or not, it’s good to know that television folks are aware they’re making tough choices.

    BB Mods: More guest bloggers with insightful real-world applications, fewer Crazy Crop Circle Guys.

  11. It’s been really intersting but seriously, two weeks? Damn, where did my life go, I could’ve sworn it’s been a week at most?

  12. This was a great series Craig Engler — very enlightening. Between this and Charles Stross’ series on Common Misconceptions About Publishing I can see sanity in what previously I often could not. As a consumer its easy to interpret the actions of networks and publishers as madness with no view into the hidden parties and their interactions and motives. Anyway, great series, I’d love to read more like it, and I quite enjoy SGU (FWIW =) )

  13. So long, and thanks to your channel for Battlestar Galactica.

    I haven’t read your posts yet, but I intend to. Sorry if it’s been asked and answered already, but did you all really change your name to Syfy® because “Sci-Fi” couldn’t be trademarked?

  14. Love Wordguy’s comment. Kudos.

    Kudos also to Craig, a great insight into the world of TV execs, commissioning and cancellation. Keep wearing the suit man, or whatever it is you faceless TV corporate shills wear these days… ;)

  15. another great contributor to boingboing.
    this has got to be the best blog out there!

  16. Sorry but to be curmudgeonly (wow, spell check actually fixed this word) but I have little respect Mr Engler. This was just a 2 week session of damage control and marketing. I didn’t see 1 sincere or interesting post – plenty of great comments which is why he appeared here in the first place I guess.

    The type and quality of programming on his channel speaks at a much higher level than his posting these last weeks.

    (That would be crapola in case I was too subtle)

    1. Fair enough, tho i’m curious what damage you think I’m controlling and what u think I’m marketing?

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