New NYC subway map comes out next month

The New York City subway map is getting a makeover for the first time in over a decade.


  1. I realise that different people are used to different things, But having seen the Diagrams for The London Underground and the Paris Metro, the new design is still leaning towards too much detail. Passengers really don’t need to know the routes the lines take, as long as the stations are placed sensibly.

    The Kick map that schmod links to is almost there, but would be better if it used the Metro’s method of designating line forks, rather than using multiple parallel lines in the shared sections.

    Links for comparisons:

  2. Kick map definitely very good. I misread and thought that WAS the new version, and thought it a great improvement!

  3. The Kick map is terrible! Just look at the West 4th Street stop… it makes it look like it’s three avenues wide, when in fact it’s on a single street. Perhaps even moreso in NYC, half the point of the subway map is to understand the stop’s place in the city around it.

  4. When I first read about the new NYC subway map I was surprised that it was not the Kick Map.

    The Kick Map is definitely my favorite NYC subway map.
    I consult my iPhone Kick Map app often.

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