Twitter's ex-integrity chief demolishes Elon in epic rant

Elon Musk purchased Twitter exactly two years ago today. To mark the anniversary, Eddie Perez, Twitter's former civic integrity director, announced that leaving Twitter for good — and in a 24-tweet thread delivered a scathing good-bye roast of Musk's disastrous regime

He called Musk a "poster child for divisive racist, sexist, and plutocratic tendencies that undermine democracy's commitment to equality for all." No argument there. He added, "Musk's willingness to burn down what he purchased suggests that he's motivated by a perverse righteousness, not profit." Even his slobbering incel fan base would agree with that.

Perez also accuses the so-called "free speech absolutist" of being a hypocrite:

When Musk talks about protecting "free speech" he really means supporting provocative and/or violent voices — and esp trolls who hate the idea that all people are equal.

Conversely, Musk is quick to stifle speech if it embarrasses him or his companies.

The ultimate insult? Equating Musk to that other reckless man-child, Donald Trump: "a toxic mix of narcissism, insecurity, sexism, and a particularly cruel form of unkindness that seems especially gleeful about punching down on those with less power." No wonder so many MAGA cultists love Elon almost as much as their gaseous dictator!

The $47 billion-dollar question: why on earth did Space Karen think buying Twitter was a brilliant idea? According to Perez, Musk is a "textbook example of the schmucks who believe that any problem can be solved with more tech, lower costs, more automation, better code, more "hardcore" engineers & the right investors — as if Twitter's challenges are simply business challenges" — completely oblivious to Twitter's very human challenges around power, equity, and human nature itself.

In the end, Musk didn't "free" the Twitter bird; he killed it in a petulant tantrum.