Working Lego printer adorned with minifigs

B3ta user squirrelfantasy made this wonderful Lego/felt-tip pen printer that is adorned with Lego minifigs who really make it into a whimsical masterpiece.

Lego printer: I made this! (Thanks, Francesco and everyone else who submitted this!)


    1. Nah, a plotter would follow vector instructions drawing solid and continuous lines in any direction on the page. This is clearly printing pixel data, raster fashion, working it’s way from one end of the paper to the other a line at a time.

    1. Judging by the way it prints, that would depend entirely on the ammount of “black” on the page and how spread out it is.

  1. Can I use non proprietary markers? By the looks of this my sharpie bill will be expensive.

  2. absolutely amazing! its a great way to add charm to one of the most boring pieces in your home office! great job.

  3. Scale it up. Replace the marker with a spray gun. You have something that prints posters up to 10 feet across. Those kinds of printers costs $100K ++. And if you use regular paint, it’s got to be cheaper than those printer inks right?

    1. A group of artists did this around 1994 in France, using an SGI — they would scan some known art piece, a few square CM worth, and blow it up on a canvas, on a 3 x 3 meter frame, with a circuit controlling the paintgun. It was really cool. Haven’t seen anything similar since. It was called G.R.I.P…

  4. Thank you for posting this Cory. This brought a smile to Mr. Cranky’s face (that would be me).

  5. I dunno, maybe it’s the music, but that mustache on the little minifig supervisor makes me think he keeps his hot pants for the fab gay rave scene in his locker for after work ;)

  6. Now this is the way Macgyver would print his dissertation if his printer broke the day before…

  7. That is sooooooooo coooooooool!!!! Top work! :)

    Do you have beautifully illustrated instructions? Just like the lego ones? How about any old instructions? I wanna build this!!!! Drivers? Parts?? Pieces????

  8. Neat!

    I know this is off-topic, but does anyone know where that riff that starts at around 1:12 comes from? Not the chiptunes style thing, but the original rif. I know it’s very old, as am I, which is probably why I can’t remember what it’s called; and it’s bugging me!

    1. It’s “Fresh Garbage” by Spirit you old coot – and now you’re talking to yourself!

  9. Outstanding engineering! I love the little workers. This made my day, thanks for sharing!

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