Mark on the Colbert Report last night!

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For those who missed it, here's Mark doing a terrific job on the Colbert Report last night. Congrats, Mark! We're proud of you!


  1. for those outside the US of A, and sick of seeing “this content is blocked” – do a search for “modify headers”


    now you can watch these things

  2. I really thought it was hilarious when Colbert asked Mark if he was an elf. It just goes to show though, how people view those who take initiative to create something from nothing.

  3. I’m curious about Mark’s ethnicity. His name isn’t Italian but his hands are Italian.

  4. I’m always amazed at how many people going onto Colbert’s show and get flustered when he asks idiotic questions. You weren’t one of those people.

    That was a cool piece, and I think you must admit a part of you is elven. Maybe more Mirkwood elf than Rivendell elf.

  5. Yes, that was great– nicely done, very fun! Showing the Twitter tracker LED listening for “Colbert” etc. was a great idea!

  6. Colbert knows how to get good television, either by working with or against his guests.
    It’s a credit to Mark that he was able to give Stephen a vibe that let him be friendly and non-condescending, but still have an entertaining few minutes.

    1. Agreed! Mark did a great job, and I’m relieved that Stephen didn’t do a hatchet job on him :)

  7. That was great! Mark, awesome job there handling Colbert’s wild interview style.
    Mark was on Colbert Report a few years ago wasn’t he?

  8. I was going to wait and watch the full episode tonight, but after discovering the web filter wasn’t preventing me from watching the clip I didn’t want to wait.

    Great stuff! I loved the way Colbert let Mark play them off.

    Mark should be a regular, showing off a crop of gadgets every few months.

  9. Are you an elf?

    Fantastic segment Mark. I really like the spoons from your tree branch example, though I wonder how appealing the chickens and honey examples are to the viewing public. The stink and sting are not great buzzwords. :)

    BTW, the guitar is awesome.

  10. Epic Finish!

    “….play us out on the blues!” on a DIY cigar box guitar and amp.

    I wonder, did Colbert get to keep the “all knowing Twitter orb”? Will we see it on the back shelves in the interview area?

  11. I want to see a take off on The Natural where the hero carves a spoon and ladle from a tree felled by lightening and goes on to become a champion soup maker.

  12. Those interested in a Twitter display that not only lights up based on keywords but also shows the tweets on an LCD should check out LexIrie – a product I designed about a year ago. All the documentation and source code needed to build one is at:

  13. Great job, Mark! You were much more at ease than the first time. Next time you do it, you’ll wipe the floor with that conservative true-believer!

  14. Thanks everyone! Stephen loved the most useless machine ever (we are running instructions on how to make one of your own in Make Vol 23). He ran around the set showing it to the crew and laughing.

  15. I thought he appeared a little nervous or frazzled at the beginning, but definitely became one of Colbert’s better guests by the end. (maybe he was just antsy to show the stuff he brought?)

    However, I just can’t believe he didn’t respond to Colbert’s “You know I just won that argument” with “you certainly MADE the better argument!”

  16. Nice work. I’ve often thought about what a tough gig it must be, going on that show. That was full of enjoyableness, with no nasty cringiness at all.

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