Canada: police seeking 2-fingered, heavily-accented fertilizer hoarder (UPDATE)

"A middle-aged man with a heavy accent and missing two fingers, may simply be fertilizing fruit trees." Well, that or weed. And then again, he may have purchased more than 3500 pounds of ammonium nitrate for nefarious plans involving a Group of 20 Summit taking place later this month in Toronto (about an hour's drive from the farm supply store in question).

Update: Oh, praise science! It was just a "a gardening incident."(via Rachel Maddow)


  1. Surely if he’s missing two fingers that would make him a three fingered man. Unless you count both hand in which case he’s an eight fingered man.
    Either way, he’s not a two fingered man.

    1. Maybe he only started off with four fingers… ever think about that? Not everybody can conform to the unrealistic 10-digit standards of body normalcy that seems to be all the rage of Hollywood actors and supermodels these days.

  2. If he doesn’t have anything to hide, why did he lie about who he was buying it for?

    Still seems suspicious to me…

  3. When I read that a two fingered man was fertilizing fruit trees, I had a picture of him using his fingers to fertilize the flowers, like how the bees do it. Sexually stimulating plants with his fingers. Now, THAT would be nefarious.

    But it was a trap, and some carnivorous flowers snapped and bit off a finger. It happened more than once (he had only 2 fingers left), but he persisted. After it happened the first time, why didn’t he used a stick, with it’s tip wrapped in cloth and fastened with a rubber band?

  4. G20 should be happy to hear the Triffid farms are going well. Soon our oil problems are gone. Just in time for the Betelgeuse supernova that will be spectacular to watch.

  5. So stupid on so many levels.

    Do they really think that Terrorists procrastinate so much that they can only pick up their bomb making materials a couple of weeks before a huge security laden event? That they would buy it an hour away in the same province that the event is taking place? That they might not just stockpile this (or other compounds) before hand, or *gasp* even in small amounts over a longer amount of time.

    Do they really think that they would have to go and legally purchase it themselves, and not follow normal procedures and try and get away with it. I am positive no terrorist has a friend that might be a farmer, work at a farm, or anyplace else where fertilizer is used. Of course those places that might use a lot of the stuff, likely stores it in a very secure compound, that would be impenetrable to theft from outside forces, such as a “barn” or a “shed”.

    Keep in mind we are talking about fertilizer here, and that there are worse things out there. Also considering the secondary component to making a fertilizer explosive is to my knowlege typically the volatile chemical known as “diesel”, perhaps they should announce a nationwide manhunt on anyone that has made a large purchase of this “diesel” fuel as well…

    I get that they have to try and look like they are doing something and are competent, however if I was a head of state visiting and heard about this stupid story, I might come to the opposite conclusion of the intended story and stay the heck away!

    1. DarthVain – if anything, they’re overestimating terrorists, even by your assessment of it.

      Remember the Times Square dude – North America’s only terrorist attempt in what, a year or more, and they couldn’t even buy the right sort of fertilizer. And their man supposedly went to one of the ‘stans and took a terrorist bomb making course, and had a whole network of folks supporting him.

      People who are smart don’t naturally fall into terrorism – they find other career paths more inviting…

      1. North America’s only terrorist attempt in what, a year or more

        O RLY?

        Back in May, someone planted and detonated a pipe bomb at the Islamic Center of Northeast Florida while 60 people were inside…Flashforward to this week, and we find that “a Florida Muslim leader named Joshua Evans was at the center of an anthrax scare, when he received a ’tissue stuffed inside with white powder’ in the mail.”

        There are plenty of terrorist attempts. They’re just not against, you know, regular people, so they don’t make the national news.

  6. The whole G20 meeting in downtown Toronto is a screaming farce. Both it and the G8 meeting a little earlier where supposed to be up north in Huntsville. Then, in February, someone woke up to the fact that Huntsville barely has the infrastructure for the G8 and that the G20 was out of the question. So they panicked and dumped it in the downtown convention centre. This building is so crowded by condos and offices that it is absolutely indefensible from a security standpoint: but they’re going to spend a billion dollars trying.
    Downtown is going to be a Ghost Town for the entire summit: the banks are all going to try out their spiffy disaster recovery centres in the burbs; the theatrical productions will be closed; the commuter trains will be diverted from Union Station next door; the CN tower will be closed in case someone drops a penny from the top on some Head of State; and so on and so on.
    Supposedly they didn’t do the rational thing and put it at the much larger and easily secured airport convention centre because it would be too inconvenient to get anyone downtown to showcase Toronto. So now it’s convenient to get from the summit to watch the tumble-weeds rolling down the empty streets.
    And let’s not even get into the farcical levels of pork-barrelling that the summit is being used as an excuse for. If your area voted Tory and you’re between the summit and the North Pole there’s millions being spent to spruce up your town in case some knob from the summit should happen to drive though.

  7. Thanks heavens for our ‘men in red’ our ‘mounted morons!’ . They always get their guy, be it criminal or gardener!! And the media needs some congratulations too for their outstanding coverage, the best being their linking the purchased fertilizer amount to the amount used by the Oklahoma City Bomber. It was almost the same!!! And that’s why they win the awards and paid the BIG money!

  8. Hmmmm, something still not right. If the guy did nothing wrong, why did the police seize the fertilizer? If he purchased it, what right do they have to take it away?

  9. The fertilizer itself was recovered… and police said there was nothing suspicious about the purchase. They don’t expect they will charge the man with anything… no disciplinary measures have been taken against Vineland Growers as police were focusing exclusively on tracking the ammonium nitrate… police said… they didn’t plan on charging the man.

    You know how I can tell this didn’t happen in the USA?

    1. You know how I can tell this didn’t happen in the USA?

      Because he’d be in Bagram by now?

  10. It sounds like the system worked the way it was supposed to. The suspicious sale of ammonium nitrate was investigated, it turned out to be bought for a purchase other than bomb making, nothing happened to the guy who bought it, and then they moved on.

    If the garden center was not penalized then at the very least receive a stern warning to follow the correct procedures for selling ammonium nitrate.

    I highly doubt that anyone would use ammonium nitrate for growing marijuana. It does not contain the phosphorus that marijuana needs for flower development.

    Hopefully hydroponic growers are not just dumping their spent solution down the drain and feeding algae downstream.

  11. “If anything, this should be a warning shot that reminds us that we are not fully prepared for the threat and that government still has much to do,” said Dave MacKay, who presides over an industry group that has spent years lobbying for better fertilizer regulation.

    I guess he couldn’t say “If anything it again shows that we’re useless and a waste of money”

  12. Doesn’t anyone remember the Oklahoma City bombing? A van full of fertilizer + gasoline = huge bomb that kills 160 people. I was there. It was terrible. I’m personally glad that buying 3500 pounds of fertilizer attracts police attention. It’s a dangerous quantity even if you don’t intend it to be.

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