Restaurant sign features animal mascot being burned alive

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Artist Mitch O'Connell writes, "Now that I've seen it, I'm slapping my forehead that it hasn't been done before! ALL cute animal mascots should be shown burning alive. It's just common sense!"


  1. In the ’40s, Smoky Bear pioneered the animal mascot + fire bit quite effectively. But apparently the rest of the critter kingdom was put off by the actually being burned part of his story; until one brave chicken….

    Wouldn’t mind seeing this catch on with human animal mascots — The Burger King seems like he’d be a natural, and a flaming Ronald McD would certainly be an attention-getting update ;-)

    1. Yes! You have it! Thank you, someone else wants them both to be publicly and painfully executed! Yay! and #25, they do actually have that. It’s called a cow. Or, alternately, they have them at Milliways.

  2. I think this highlights what should be a change of policy for restaurants. Chicken and other meats should be prepared not by burning, but by a combination of holistic massage and non-religion-specific prayer sessions.

  3. Clearly the chicken is standing behind a birthday cake taking a deep breath in order to blow out all the candles.

    Happy birthday chicken.

  4. In South Korea, their are a ton of cute cartoon animal mascots being cooked alive. In fact, their are images of all sorts of super cute cartoon characters having terrible things happen to them, my favourite were construction site safety posters.

    One of my favourites was a ‘samgyupsal’ restaurant (think barbecued bacon).

    One window had a mural of a proud daddy pig bringing his 3 smiling babies to the restaurant.

    The other window had a picture of the same daddy pig, this time he is proudly holding a plate of meat and offering it to the guests.
    But where are those baby pigs?
    Oh no!

    *nom nom nom*

  5. Reminds me of Harold’s Chicken Shack — the Chicago South Side institution (although I believe there are branches elsewhere too). The logo was the cook running after a chicken with a hatchet, at my local shop there was a neon sign animated so that the cook’s arm kept swinging at the chicken with the hatchet. I tried to find a good image; this was the best I could do

  6. Better being roasted alive than the usual animal mascot eating its own species.

    Mascot cannibalism (shudder).

  7. I used to be a graphic artist for the nation’s second largest poultry producer. It was told to us that doing so would generate attachment and sympathy for the chickens causing people to purchase something other than our product. To show the product in it’s living state was severely taboo.

    Chick-Fil-A has a great campaign that flies parallel to this philosophy. A live cow standing on two legs (like humans) to endorsing chicken products. Classic.

    Still, I love this photo, just wish the chicken was cuter. Perhaps a baby chick dancing in a frying pan.

  8. Tacos Chapalita on L.A.’s east side has four intoxicating shrimp tacos for $5 — such a deal and you can stare at their hallucinatory mascot: a sombrero-wearing rooster who is lifting an old-skool barbell over his head and he looks pretty pleased even though he is in a skillet with flames from *inside* not under the skillet consuming him. Maybe I should take a pic, it’ll last longer.

  9. Ummm… you realize what you’re eating is in fact made of burned-up cute animals, right?

    This mascot is just more realistic than most about his fate. Consider him the depressed realist of the fast food world.

  10. Maybe it’s a Chicago thing. You should see the delighted piggies in that carnitas shack on 18th Street in Pilsen.

  11. Here in Puerto Rico, there are some restaurants with really cruel names like “El Castigo del Pollo” (translation: The chicken’s Punishment); and I live down the street from a place called “Lechonera el ultimo grito” (The Pig’s Last Squeal)..

  12. One of the big supermarket chains in this area features a cartoon fish, with eyeglasses, who extols the virtues of the seafood department. He holds a pointer up to a blackboard featuring the specials of the week and catch of the day.
    He seems untroubled; guilt-free, betraying his fellow sea creatures like this. Perhaps they offered to spare his life in exchange for advertising the dead carcasses of his brethren? Seems to me like he sold his soul (filet of soul?)

  13. We should cut through this whole mess by breeding an animal that wants to be eaten, and can say so, clearly and distinctly.

  14. Anyone have a picture of bananas cutting, cooking, or eating themselves? I just want to look at it.

  15. There is a chicken place where I live (Charcoal Chicken) which shows a chicken walking on hot coals and looking pretty unhappy about it.

  16. I live right down the street from this place, maybe it’s time to give it a try now that’s it’s on BoingBoing.

  17. That seems Colombian aesthetics, I know my people, even the Colombian flag is on the sign

    1. There’s something in that picture that more Colombiano than the flag or the aesthetic of the restaurant’s exterior. Just look at the name of the restaurant and you’ll remember there’s like a gazillion other roasted chicken restaurants named like that here in Colombia.

  18. Oh this is distressing, but it’s something most people will walk by and not even think about.

  19. Not only does the beak area look like a penis and scrotum, but there are words hidden in the flames.

  20. as a devotee of custom and hand-painted signs, this sort of thing is fairly common.

    just because one knows how to open and maintain a business,that doesn’t always mean they have a sense of how to design a “corporate” identity –
    people sometimes make the dumbest signs

  21. I know, isn’t that funny? I notice stuff like that and I find that un-weaving that particular rainbow diminishes it’s beauty.

  22. Yeah, and that is what happens, only the actual creature is never set on fire while alive. What I can’t stand are the quislings. You know – pig mascots selling ham products. Chickens standing at a BBQ with a spatula in wing. That sort of thing. They sold their souls to become corporate spokescreatures and are quite disgusting because of it. Cannibalism can be understood as it is a ritual thing, but animals selling their brethren down the road for a buck and few extra years of life is just sad.

  23. I saw four pigeons surrounding and feverishly pecking at a piece of fried chicken breast last week in Hackney, London, an image which has stayed with me all week. Not ten minutes later I came upon a grey squirrel standing on the lip of a bin, eating a chip. I am sorry to say that 12 hours earlier, I was a drunk man eating the very same fast foods. Shame on all of us.

  24. Not really extraordinary.
    I’m sure everyone has seen the BBQ joints all across the US featuring cartoon pigs wearing bibs and chef’s hats while working hard over the grill.
    Apparently cannibalism runs rampant in the US cartoon pig population.

  25. I eat there about twice a month. It is indeed a Columbian rotisserie chicken place. Troy and Montrose, Chicago, IL. Good and cheap. Really good. They have 2 or 3 other places.

  26. Mrs. Peter’s Smokehouse in Jensen Beach, FL totally has a happy, smiling fish atop a fire. I recall being a young child and pointing this irony out to my mother. She replied: “Yes dear, that IS quite strange. Most folks wouldn’t be so happy being burned alive.”

    Here’s a so-so pic of it:

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