The Smart Hostess

12838_185682224904_570564904_2647292_4199050_n.jpg A friend cleaned out the attic, and found this delightful constellation of antique items.


  1. The smart hostess saves a beer for later, but she forgot about it apparently. Let’s hope she didn’t forget the condom.

    1. Alternatively, if her child is the one cleaning out the attic, perhaps this friend’s very existence is owed to this misplacement!

    1. Word up, Micah. My thoughts exactly–you beat me by 3.5 hrs.

      totally have a boner for this hostess, whomever she may be.

  2. That is some fantastic design on the Trojans. No idea what current packaging is like (hold the wisecracks, please), but that’s just awesome. New-Yorker-esque main font, san-serif fine print, an elegant tri-tone icon, and bold blocks of colour providing vertical and horizontal balance. Like the Penguin paperbacks of condom boxes.

  3. Ugh and Ugk: what a lovely display: I think I shall drink a beer, bake a cake and have sex now. . .

  4. That milk crate better be stocked with some Barry White. It will also come in handy for some of the trickier pages in the Kama-Sutra.

  5. We have this little booklet in our collection of 50’s kitchy knick-knacks around the house, as well as a super funny book titled “A Teenage girls Guide to Homemaking”

    1. The 50s were before 1923, honest. So copyright-wise, you’re safe putting scans of these online.

  6. Love the Trojan packaging. As a counterpoint to the current packaging design which is pretty trite (reminds me of sinus or headache medication… seriously, check it out.), this is a clean, classy bit of design. James Dean might have rolled this into his T-shirt sleeve.

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