exterface_unicorn_17.jpg Furthermore, there is a limited edition poster. Unicorn with David Mason - Styling by Slick It Up [Exterface. Mildly NSFW]


  1. I almost titled the post “The New White Meat” but figured it would bake in the bad taste.

  2. Yo dawg, I heard you liked a unicorn chaser, so we came up with a unicorn chaser that you need a unicorn chaser for…

    1. RE: The Slick It Up link: I’m gonna be honest here. If I had a body like that, that’s exactly how I would dress all the time.

      Except, perhaps, the lederhosen.

  3. if the poster had been a print of the picture above I would’ve ordered one. not quite so… well… tacky

  4. Almost makes me wish I had a little brother so I could hang this in his room and then tell mom :D

  5. I originally saw the photo of him rampant on CH a couple of months ago and thought that it was just an outré yearbook photo. But he appears to be a noted purveyor of high-style fetish gear.

  6. Where is the Wiki page on how I can un-rape my eyes?

    I’m going to watch this until the pain goes away:

  7. Am I supposed to like this? Am I supposed to not like it? Am I supposed to be offended? Do I need a jar of Vaseline? Do I call Ted Nugent and get him to hunt this down and shoot it with his bow?

    I’m so confused right now.

  8. Bought a poster immediately. I think maybe two synapses happened between reading “limited edition poster” and taking my credit card out.

  9. Should I be worried that I recognise most of the models on the Slick It Up site?

    Also, hawttest thing ever posted to BoingBoing.

    1. Should I be worried that I recognise most of the models on the Slick It Up site?

      I’m far more worried that I didn’t. I need to spend less time at icanhascheezburger.

  10. **♥ Fairy Hugs**♥
    **♥ & Fairy**♥

    Spotted a Unicorn! TYVM :)

  11. I for one found it hilariously tongue-in-cheek….

    It took a little digging, but there’s even a few shots of bloodied gay porn zombies. Oddly, no goatse.

  12. I first saw this unicorn on porn blogs, then on reddit, then here… It’s weird but somewhat refreshing.

  13. Brilliant!! that is totally HOT!

    tho, wtf is going on when I have to post anonymously? :( “Send a comment
    You do not have permission to comment on this blog. (sign out)”

    Was I banned??

    1. Oh God that’s a good laugh!
      This is so ultimately, not gay, but ludicrous.
      Follow the links given by Antinous and hope to survive.

  14. Is there something wrong with me if I love this! It’s fucking hilarious and fun I would totally wear a girl version…

    … oooohhh boy.

    1. actually, anon #21 made such a subtle reference to robot unicorn attack that most probably missed it. it hit me right in the gut.

  15. or maybe a unicorn chaser is all in the eyes of the beholder?
    or is it relative to what is being chased?
    or, i don’t know. i bet this photo shoot was the best party to have ever happened.

  16. Very interesting unicorn-chaser.

    -abs has to admit that as a straight guy he’d prefer a hot chick in that ensemble and position, but in honesty he has to admit the guy’s pretty hot (nicely cut body)

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