Repuglicans: 61 monster paintings by Pete Von Sholly

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The folks caricaturized in Repuglicans don't deserve to be depicted as famished ghouls, white-eyed vampires, drooling werewolfs, and rotting zombies. What I mean is, they aren't worthy of the fantastic 1960s monster-trading-card treatment bestowed upon them by veteran storyboarder Pete Von Sholly. In the same way that Mad magazine only parodied good TV shows and movies, this kind of honor should be reserved for good people.

In any case, it's still a treat to pore over the hilariously doctored images of Roger Ailes, Glenn Beck, Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, and 55 other power-hungry fear-mongers. As Steve Tatham (who wrote the commentary to the book) writes in his introduction:

There are 55 million Republicans in the United States. Most of them are decent, honorable people. The Republican limited government, state's rights, traditional American values, pro-business political philosophy is a reasonable and worthwhile set of beliefs. Real Republicans and real Democrats share a common goal: they want the United States to be a better place for all its people. The Republican party has its fair share of towering intellects and inspiring heroes. None of them are described in the pages that follow.

UPDATE: Pete Von Sholly wrote this in the comments:

I, Pete, started the REPUGLICANS project by reacting to the relentless, nasty, savage and often unfounded and unwarranted right wing attacks which started almost BEFORE Obama got elected. That unprecedented barrage of nastiness (SOME of it flagrantly racist)is what prompted me to start making those pictures. Steve Tatham added the other ingredient- funny, intelligent and true biting commentary which nobody here seems to realze is ALSO in the book. Denis Kitchen and I did a bipartisan book of this kind called CAPITOL HELL which skewers Al Sharpton, Obama, the Clintons, Bill Maher etc along with the usual suspects for those who claim we would NEVER say anything bad about "the left".

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  1. “You’re horrible for posting something that casts Republicans in a negative light. Obama has done things that would displease Boing-Boing readers. I expected better from Boing-Boing and will never read this blog again.”

    There. That should save a lot of commenters a lot of time.

    1. i just created an account to vote for best comment on #2 from Brainspore! thank you, i lolled.

  2. Worthy subjects? Definitely not. Accurate satire? Yes. And remember, it was ‘Famous’ Monsters of Filmland, not ‘Worthy’.
    The real horror of these figures is their real horror, unfortunately.

  3. Oh, and in response to the excerpt concerning the “55 million”; no, no they’re not. People flock to the GOP in search of a fictitious Golden Age, when Ward was brought his after work martini by June, who stayed home and bred and baked. They cling together in a sanctimonious clump, fearing any voices which might endanger their blinders’ view.

    1. Thanks Inness!

      That dangerous, near-heretical slip on Mark’s part (quoting a description of Republicans as “reasonable … worthwhile”) needed immediate correction.

      And the comment about “blinders” added a delicious dollop of irony……

      1. To what problem exactly are you referring?

        Is it the problem of keeping religion a private matter that should not be legislated into laws that govern us all?

        Is it the problem of allowing a woman to decide what happens to her body?

        Is it the problem of recognizing that two people who love each other and want to be married are a stabilizing force in society regardless of their gender?

        Is it the problem of expecting that those of us who are lucky enough to be successful realize that we owe something to the society that made that success possible, that perhaps we shouldn’t constantly be whining about taxes, and that maybe our success creates a responsibility to those less fortunate?

        Is it the problem of expecting a corporation that enjoys the profits of capitalism to also act reasonably towards it employees and responsibly towards the environment we all share?

        If these are some of the problems to which you are referring, then I am proud to be part of the problem.

        In other words, I am proud to not be a republican.

  4. I’d like to see a “Deadmacrats” zombie poster featuring Al Gore, John Edwards, William Ayers, Al Sharpton, Rod Blagojevich, and James Traficant (as Frankenstein).

    1. “Deadmacrats” zombie poster… not on this web site, I fear.

      Helen Thomas, Michael Moore, and (especially) Henry Waxman wouldn’t even need to be ‘shopped.

    2. Great idea! And what, exactly, is stopping you from implementing this wonderful idea?

      Oh. You are waiting for somebody ELSE to do it.

      Oh. You are still waiting?

  5. While I really dislike the actions of a number of the people portrayed? I don’t think most of the portrayals are all that great. One or two are really good, the rest look pretty bad.

    Thing is, from my time in a bookstore? I don’t think this will sell. Left-wing attacks on the right generally don’t sell that well. Right-wing attacks on the left? Those sell like gangbusters.

    Go figure.

    When the store I was working at sold out of the Swiftboat book attacking Kerry, I had customers SCREAM at me that we were just a bunch of lefties trying to prevent them from getting the book.

    This was NOT an isolated incident.

    1. Gotta agree there, it’s kind of a stretch calling these images “paintings” when they’re clearly just some so-so digital retouching jobs. Good enough for the web but I have to wonder who would pay to have them in print. Maybe the real wit is in the written commentary.

  6. As opposed to to chasing an equally fictitious Arcadia where the iProducts are powered by clean-burning, physics-defying fairy dust. A magical land where no one will ever need risk being offended. A global kindergarten class where everyone just gets along and is more than happy to share with one-another, and where any dilemma can be solved by plucking money from a nearby tree, closing one’s eyes and throwing it at the problem.

    That does sound nice…

    1. both side seem to think there is a magic money tree (please look past the fevered rhetoric and at the actual spending during republican administrations) But the repugs spend it in a much more dishonest and murderous way.

    2. “A magical land where no one will ever need risk being offended.”

      Hahahaaah, how about a land where conservative figures don’t “get the vapors” every day.

    3. Do you mean to imply that you’re opposed to efforts to make the world a place in which human beings do not spend large chunks of their waking hours killing each other and destroying the planet?

      Because, you know, that really is just an eensy, tiny bit evil.

      Just sayin’.

  7. Meh. I don’t get the joke. Just portraying their inner reality instead of their heavily-made-up faces strikes me as kind of boring.

    And I deeply resent the portrayal of Anne Coulter as an alien grey. There is no evidence of greys causing actual harm in the world, unlike Coulter. If you want to insult someone, give a grey long blond hair and a big old honkin’ Adam’s apple.

    1. I’m pretty far left-leaning, but this sort of thing does nothing to further any debates. Honestly, this is just giving these jerks more ammunition to play into their pity party/persecution complex.

      Just as those who decry the occasional teabagger depiction of Obama as Hitler lose credibility by not having said anything about the Iraq police action protesters having depicted Bush as Hitler – neither was productive, and frankly, both were offensive.

      As far as artistic merit, Palin looks like Spock going through a particularly nasty pon farr.

      1. I’ve said it before and I say it again: Star Trek trufans are the final arbiters of artistic merit.

        1. HOLEE KATZ!! I’m not only a Star Trek truefan (41 years standing) but a highly trained professional artist and critic. So, given my qualifications to make aesthetic judgments about this (IMHO) poorly done (aesthetically and ideologically) work, why were my comments removed from this thread?

          I’d really enjoy being a part of this conversation.

      2. C’mon – it’s not supposed to ‘further’ anything – it’s just good, funny political satire! And, I think it’s pretty good and funny!!:)

    2. Actually, there isn’t a single confirmed report of a Grey where someone wasn’t viciously mauled.

  8. We at would like to announce our full support of satiric depictions of these people… in fact you might say our existence is based on exactly that :-)

    1. Sarah Palin is a big girl, and Rush Limbaugh is a big boy. They can stand the ribbing.

      1. I bet Palin secretly loves this stuff.

        She is not my choice for President by quite a long shot (although her resume is at least as substantial as Obama’s) but I have to admire the way she drives a certain segment of the intellectualoids just c–r–a–z–y.

        1. [Palin’s] resume is at least as substantial as Obama’s

          Think so? Look under “Education.”

          Just for starters.

          You have to be tweaking us “intellectualoids.” No one could actually be stupid enough to believe that.

          1. I hire based on job experience, and have busted through several HR twits who were insisting on an M.A. when my read was that the right person for the job had a two-year degree.

            And I’m increasingly convinced that “possesses an Ivy League degree” and “does a good job as President” are inversely correlated.

          2. I hire based on creativity, ability and competence. And then if they can’t work and play well with others I fire ’em.

            “Hiring based on experience” means you hire the people I got rid of, and the other people who couldn’t hold a job. A lot of losers in that bag.

            Some of my employees and co-workers have been here for decades, including several who started their careers in high-tech right here…

      2. Sarah Palin is a big girl, and Rush Limbaugh is a big boy.

        Glenn Beck – also a big girl.

  9. Cool the last one is Ted Kennedy. Excellent representation. Oh? It’s Rush Limbaugh? My bad. Seriously though this tired game of ripping on so-called Republicans and Tea Party ‘leaders’ and ‘members’ only is successful in one thing – giving a warm fuzzy to those who’d rather spend their time spitting out vitriol then pat themselves on the back then actually sit down and think about the problems facing our country.

    Those few people who still get their yuck yucks from seeing such things and the same for those on the Republican side who like to see the same type of depictions about the Democrats I actually pity. Go crawl back into your cave. The United States is descending into this shit hole because of Republicans, Democrats, and their policies.

    It takes two to tango.

    1. It takes two to tango.

      Please identify the dance partner in the Holocaust and Stalin’s purges.

      1. “Please identify the dance partner in the Holocaust and Stalin’s purges.”

        Mike Godwin?

      2. Most of the people of Germany and Russia who weren’t affected and thought it was about time those [whatever oppressed group they disliked] got what was coming to them.

    2. So, are you saying that, instead of making funny pictures and words, you want Pete Von Sholly and Steve Tatham to get together and come up with actual, intricately researched, legitimate ways to solve America’s problems? I don’t know anything about either one of them, but, hey, I think you’re on to something. Put down your pencils boys! Apparently you’re dicks for doing art but qualified and connected enough to know how to fix America!!

    1. “Is satire like this even practiced by Republicans?”

      If it is, you won’t read about it on BB. (Hint: try the last page of every issue of the -Weekly Standard-. Or Google “Scrappleface”, or “Day by Day”, or “Iowahawk”. Especially “Iowahawk”).

      I love a lot of the articles I see on BB. The copyfighting, the SF, even the ukuleles (thanks for turning me on to Janet Klein!!!)…

      … but I’ve had to get used to the fact that the political articles pretty much run the gamut from A to B, or maybe Aa to Ak.

      1. Iowahawk’s is my pal, he’s funny as hell, and I’ve linked to his Web site a few times on Boing Boing. He thinks the stuff I post on Boing Boing is funny, too.

        1. Mark, if you have posted Iowahawk articles here (as main posts, not just downthread links), I hereby apologize and tip my hat to you. I’ve been on BB four or five days a week for the last year and honestly have never seen one.

        1. Anon@84: “Umm… no, ’cause satire, like all humor, takes intelligence!:)”

          Is “Anon” an actual signon or the result of an anonymous posting?

          If the former, I think I’ve found another of the BB Chatty Leftist Cathys.. “Pull the string, and hear her say one of sixteen predicably progressive phrases!!”

  10. Not to diminish Pete Von Sholly’s work, but I’m so burned out on the left v. right political rhetoric. I am fed up with the rhetorical smokescreen that politics in America.

    Stop mocking and start fighting.

    Talk is certainly cheap.

    We have an economy to fix, a war to win and/or end, and a British Petroleum-caused oil leak to plug.

  11. In the 5 minutes you spent sniggering at bad photoshops of people you love to hate, conservative Americans purchased another 95,000 rounds of ammunition. Have a nice day.

    1. In the 30 seconds you spent writing your self righteous comment, conservative Americans purchased another 9,500 rounds of ammunition. Have a nice day.

      1. That reminds me, I’m getting a little low on .338.

        Post a bunch while I’m off to the ol’ sporting goods store.

      2. I know. Isn’t it great?

        Meanwhile, liberals waste their time and effort preaching to the choir. Why, if I didn’t know better, I’d say they were practically becoming libertarians. But what are you going to do? Interrupt your enemy while he’s making a mistake?

  12. While the issue isn’t black and white, it’s clear that the GOP has usurped the ignorant anger (basis: no clear platform) of the Teabaggers and are doing everything in their power to discredit the majority of elected officials in this country and regain power, despite their public behavior over the last generation. They got everything they wished for, and more (a continuing war/presence in the Middle East, enormous dividends for their billionaire boys club at taxpayer expense, etc.). Now their genie’s gone, so their back to Rules for Radicals and Marshal McLuhan playbook. All those hollerin’ that the Dems are as bad as the Repugs just have NOT been paying attention or are brainwashed ultra-conservative shills. The only irony is that they’re primarily upper middle-class; the exact folks pillaged by their beloved leaders!

  13. Oh, and Notary, I agree with “I’m increasingly convinced that ‘possesses an Ivy League degree’ and ‘does a good job as President’ are inversely correlated.”
    I was living just outside New Orleans when Dubya praised his Yale Bro (“You’re doing a heckuva job, Brownie.”) for such outstanding public service.
    Oh. Wait. That was sarcasm? You weren’t talking about Dubya and his corpor/administr/ation?

    1. Inness: Yes indeed, Dubya is another fine example of the inverse relationship between an Ivy League degree and Presidential ability. (I never voted for the man).

      As is Clinton. And Bush senior.

        1. @donnybnyc The last president that was up to and for the job was probably Grover Cleveland. The last libertarian type president we have ever had.

  14. Mark – thanks for the mention of our book.

    It’s crazy that people don’t have a sense of humor anymore. We’re even getting death threats about this book.

    It’s called S-A-T-I-R-E people. Lighten up.

    BOOM! Town

  15. Prune-heads- READ some of the book before you decide you know all about it. Go on amazon, click to look inside and READ some. It’s not just a picture book.
    And I made the pictures, so I know.

  16. Funny how people are complaining/commenting how this should be done to Democrats. Well, the reason you don’t see stuff like that is that, I claim, a HUGE majority of creative types are left-leaners so they are more likely to poke at righties. I don’t know why that is. Perhaps one has to have some sort of natural sense of empathy to be a good artist/actor/comedian/musician.

  17. These depictions of zombiehood are deplorable! But the artistry is commendable! I feel offended! But intrigued! How dare BB do such a thing! I’m for free speech!

    I’m voting for Sarah Palin in 2012.

    After all, 10000 Mayans can’t be wrong!

    1. did the Mayans predict a crazy, nasty hick woman would become president??! or just that disaster and impending doom were around the next corner??! lol!! oh, and btw, the Mayan calender ends this particular cycle, but then, starts up again! Another 40,000 years!:) So, choose wisely!! We’ve got a long, long ways to go yet!!

  18. I’m on the left. But I guess I’m not into this because it’s something I would expect, the right would do, specifically the ilk of Beck.

    Imagine if it were an Obama/Clinton/Pelosi book… it wouldn’t be published with a ‘haha’ attitude, but a ‘look what those low-rent Republicans are up to now!’

    Also it reminded me of Garbage Pail Kids for some reason, which grossed me out… I was into Ninja Turtles. : )

  19. Finally, someone with the courage to make people who disagree with them look like cartoony caricatures! Awesome, this will solve EVERYTHING!

  20. I, Pete, started the REPUGLICANS project by reacting to the relentless, nasty, savage and often unfounded and unwarranted right wing attacks which started almost BEFORE Obama got elected. That unprecedented barrage of nastiness (SOME of it flagrantly racist)is what prompted me to start making those pictures. Steve Tatham added the other ingredient- funny, intelligent and true biting commentary which nobody here seems to realze is ALSO in the book. Denis Kitchen and I did a bipartisan book of this kind called CAPITOL HELL which skewers
    Al Sharpton, Obama, the Clintons, Bill Maher etc along with the usual suspects for those who claim we would NEVER say anything bad about “the left”.
    -Pete Von Sholly

  21. The last president who did more good than harm was Reagan.

    The last one before that was JFK (also the first exception to the Ivy League rule).

    It just shows you how resilient America is, when you look at the ninnies we have put in charge of the executive branch.

    1. Reagan sold arms and military secrets to the declared enemies of the United States… and then blew off the justice system by simply stating that he “couldn’t remember” if he’d been present when these things were authorized in his name.

      Reagan testified before HUAC that he had no proof that his enemies in the SAG were communists, but he felt they should be treated as such. He was a career quisling, always ready with a betrayal even though he himself attended communist party meetings in Hollywood back when they were fashionable.

      Reagan gave the facist rebels in Nicaragua the guns they used to murder the nuns they raped, and the bullets they used to execute American citizen Ben Linder. Ben committed the crime of building schools for brown children, which Reagan objected to because the school-building Sandinistas were nominally communists.

      Reagan was the fucking devil, the beast 666. He laid the groundwork for every single damn thing George W. Bush accomplished, from the PATRIOT Act to extraordinary rendition to the elimination of habeus corpus.

    2. Reagan?! You’ve both dated yourself and proven you’ve drunk the Kool-Aid. I suppose he gets the credit for the fall of the Berlin Wall in your book, as well as bringing the ideals of a fictious Eisenhower golden age to America (once again!)
      Reagan’s voodoo economics, tax cuts to to rich, and a propensity for circumventing the democratic process to fund Central American murderers in order to promote ‘democracy’.
      Reagan was a ‘great’ president as much as Carter was a ‘terrible’ one; hagiographers and propagandists have been working their mantras on since GenX was in the crib, but few can cite specific details to support their herd-like claims.

  22. inness is quite correct. Every time I hear one of these folks say “Take America Back” I am reminded of Mussolini’s vision of taking Italy back to the glory days of Rome. The very definition of fascism.

  23. Politics was, is, and always will be ugly. Both sides throw mud. Pointing at individual examples and saying “this doesn’t help” won’t stop the ugliness.

    This is kinda funny; I laughed. I didn’t have to take it terribly seriously. I have to do that with the rest of politics.

  24. I know what’s really going on here. It’s not the politics, it’s the cartoons.

    I was seriously into being an editorial cartoonist when I was young. The work I did cost me my high school diploma (withheld by an angry administration).

    As soon as you start drawing editorial cartoons with any real bite, people lose their friggin’ minds. It’s the most dangerous job in America. Every cartoon you draw might as well be a picture of Mohammed. You can write an editorial piece about how great flag burning or murdering gay people might be, but heaven help you if you depict these subjects in a CARTOON. You court oblivion.

    My words here won’t defuse the powerful madness brought about by editorial cartoons. But let me simply say that ranting about how unfair the political content of a given cartoon might be is a telltale sign that you are either an idiot or you believe everyone else is an idiot. Really.

  25. None of this furthers debate and understanding between the parties! That’s everyone’s full time job, I hope. Nobody ever discusses political figures with anything else in mind, right?

  26. Pete Von Sholly here one more time with one more bit of info. REPUGLICANS of course HAD to have Palin, Steele, Hannity, Beck, etc etc in it- but I like to think that something important we did was to include many people well below the radar who are responsible for a lot of dreadful things- like the Texas schoolbook guy, and several other behind-the-scenes offenders. Harlan Ellison, bless his heart, actually helped a lot in the beginning by directing our attention to these perpetrators, and Steve Tatham also brought many others into the mix. You who have seen the actual book may have noticed several faces and names you did NOT know and we wanted to shine the light around in some unfamiliar places along with the obligatory.

  27. I don’t know ’bout no “conservative-derangement syndrome”.
    But those paintings are funny as hell. Nice work.

  28. Actually, Lou Dobbs is NOT on the final cover, for some reason the cover shown is the penultimate vesion- and if you read the definition of REPUGLICAN in the book, it is NOT necessarily synonymous with Republican. (But Dobbs might as WELL be a republican anyway!)

    “This brilliantly-conceived book is not only political art on that rarefied above-the-clouds level where Thomas Nast and Herblock and even
    Daumier scintillate, but it is —dammit!— 100% American! Not the lower-case meanspirited ‘murrica where the yokels, imbecilies. greedy swine and consummate liars wave their Nazi flags and swallow all that fearmongering falsehood, it is America where the hood is ripped off the Klansman, the holy collar is yanked loose from the neck of the televangelist, the microphone is yanked loose of
    the death-grip of the corrupt who have been made fatass billionaires by frightening their countrymen&women. This is not just sensational portrait art, it is a holy chore. Pete Von Sholly leaps to the pinnacle of blood-pounding outrage and Americanism with this timely, brave, and jaw-
    droppingly accurate fight-back against All That Is Evil in the Human Animal. And when I sat ‘animal’, that’s not reason to look away in embarrassment Glenn Beck, you gobbet of yak turd.”
    12 February 2010

  30. Point well taken about Grover Cleveland as our last good president.

    Given that each president seems to keep all the arbitrary unconstitutional powers of his predecessors, and accrue a few of his own, it makes good sense that the further back you go the better they get.

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